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Relationships, Love, and Family

Living In Love

Living In LoveLiving In Love
by Alexandra Stoddard

This book will touch you deeply as Alexandra shares with us all she has learned about making her marriage a deeply fulfilling and dynamic partnership. Living in love is a work of art. You will be inspired and you will learn how loving yourself naturally leads to sharing and loving with another. For lovers, dreamers, and everyone who celebrates sacred partnerships.

Mastery of Love

The Mastery of LoveThe Mastery of Love
by Don Miguel Ruiz

In this simple yet profound work, author Don Miguel Ruiz gives us the Toltec perspective on mastering love. Learn the three types of mastery that lead one to mastering love. Learn how old negative beliefs, assumptions, and fears undermine relationships and how you can heal your emotional wounds. As a result you will be able to give love freely and unconditionally, choose your relationships wisely, and in return receive love in so many different forms you will never feel a lack of it again.

Enchanted Love

Enchanted LoveEnchanted Love
The Mystical Power of Intimate Relationships
by Marianne Williamson

Marianne Williamson, a renowned spiritual teacher and mystic shares her latest insights with us regarding the healing and transformative power of relationships. Finding yourself is phase one on the spiritual path, but in this book, Marianne convincingly points out that the next phase of growth occurs in finding God within another. Moving, poetic, and inspiring, I am sure you will love this book!

Future of Love

Future of LoveThe Future of Love
by Daphne Rose Kingma

Daphne Rose Kingma is a pioneer who looks at the soul-centered view of relationships. You might find this book unsettling at first. It debunks the myth that the only true way to happiness is by finding a 'happily ever after' partner. Kingma is not negating the traditional institution of marriage but rather giving us permission to find love and joy in all our relationships whether permanent or passing.

A Return To Love

A Return To LoveA Return to Love
by Marianne Williamson

Once again Marianne reminds us that the true love we are all seeking is the love of the Divine. In her usual personal and inspiring manner, she shows how this longing for union with spirit affects all our relationships, especially the relationship with ourselves. Inspiring, educational, and insightful.

Love 101

Love 101Love 101
by Peter McWilliams

A great reminder that love is to be found from the inside out! If you want more self-love or self-acceptance, this is one of those books that you can flip open to any page and remind yourself of truth.

Mars & Venus - Date

Mars & Venus - DateThe Spiritual Journey of Family Caregiving
by Sheryl Karas

For five years, ending in 2005, Sheryl Karas worked as a Family Caregiving Consultant at the Alzheimer's Association and Del Mar Caregiver Resource Center helping families taking care of loved ones with incurable progressive memory loss and dementia. Trying to find services needed to provide basic care is what brought people in to see her first, but as the caregivers became more ensconced in their caregiving roles inevitably emotional and spiritual issues would become their primary concerns. Sheryl's role shifted to providing a combination of practical and spiritual care. During this period she wrote a caregiver newsletter every month and this book is the result.

Mars & Venus - Date

Mars & Venus - DateMars & Venus on a Date
A Guide for Navigating the 5 Stages of Dating to Create a Loving and Lasting Relationship

by John Gray

If you're single and seeking, rush out now and get this book. Read it over and over. Even if you don't agree with everything in here (and who does), the explanation of the five stages of dating and how men and women react differently to them are invaluable. Men, learn why women want to talk about the relationship so much and what you can do to reassure them. Women, learn why men pull away, don't call, and don't communicate. The understanding and insight in this book will open you up to create a more profound and fulfilling relationship.

Real Moments

Real MomentsReal Moments for Lovers
by Barbara De Angelis

This should be required reading for couples. Barabara talks about love as sacred partnership--a sharing of mind, body, and soul. The book talks about how we can love one another with words, touch, and energy. Give it to the person you love and your connection will grow even deeper!

Catching Cupid

Catching CupidCathching Cupid
How to find the love of your life
by Trish McNamara

Trish McNamara interviewed hundreds of couples who are in healthy, committed relationships about how they met. This research provides the foundation for her formidable book about the dating process and finding a quality partner. After a divorce and more than a decade in the dating trenches, she discovered a process of seeking a soul mate. Trish has created this inspired guidebook so that you, too, will find the love of your life. She knows how to motivate you and keep you focused. In a fun yet practical way, Trish guides you with HEARTWORK exercises, mind-changing questions, spiritual insights and humor. This fresh approach empowers you to clear a path to find the most perfect partner for you.

Codependent No More

Codependent No MoreCodependent no More
by Melody Beattie

If you find yourself always putting others ahead of you, then you might just be codependent. This book will give you permission to take care of yourself and stop controlling others through well-meaning but enabling behaviors. A classic in the field.

Codependent No More

Codependent No MoreFinal Conversations Helping the Living and the Dying Talk to each other
by Maureen P. Keeley, PhD and Julie M. Yingling, Phd

As more people choose to die at home, more survivors will want to know how to converse well with their dying loved ones. This book weaves direct quotations from real people’s memories of final conversations, with thoughtful advice and themes that will help readers determine what may work for them.

A final chapter gives additional practical tips for talking with the dying, the “how to” for final conversations. An Appendix provides information about the research participants, including pie charts of various categories, including Initiator of Talk, Frequency, Location, and more.


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