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Mystical Journeys

Eat, Pray, Love

Mutant MessageEat, Pray, Love
by Elizabeth Gilbert

I love, love, love this book! Elizabeth woke up in her thirties to the fact that she was not living the life that was truly hers. In an attempt to figure out who she really was she journeyd to Italy to study pleasure (via food), India to study devotion in an ashram, and Indonesia to find the balance between the two. You will laugh, cry, and recognize elements of your own quest in her story.

Mutant Message

Mutant Message
Mutant Message Down Under
by Marlo Morgan

A trip to Australia leads author Marlo Morgan into an adventure she hadn't bargained for. When "kidnapped" by australian aborigines, she goes on a walkabout with them, learning their ways, their spirituality, and their message for humanity. Once you start reading you can't put it down!

Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful WarriorThe Way of the Peaceful Warrior
by Dan Millman

"The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" details Dan Millman's training by his mystical teacher Socrates. Socrates teaches him to hone his physical strength in order to better access his spirit. The book contains great insights on discipline and releasing the "addictions" of everyday life.

Sacred Journey

Sacred JourneySacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior
by Dan Millman

"Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior" is the story of author Dan Millman's training with a Hawaiian Kahuna woman. You'll receive wonderful insights on finding the treasure within.

Masters of the Far East

Masters of the Far EastThe Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East
by Baird T. Spalding

This book will change the way you think about "reality!" The author and a group of other explorers encounter a group of ascended masters who teach them mystical truths and journey with them to sacred and secret mystical sites. The masters can appear and disappear at will, manifest material objects, and heal with only a touch and a word. A true and thought-provoking story.


InitiationInitiation: A Woman's Spiritual Adventure in the Heart of the Andes
by Elizabeth B. Jenkins

A woman goes to Peru, encounters the mountain spirits (apus) and then meets a fourth order Andean priest who initiates her into the mysteries of the energy in the ancient traditions of the Incas in the Peruvian Andes. I loved the book, especially the second half in which Elizabeth learns how to pull the energies of earth, air, wind, and fire into her body. I used these techniques on my journey to Peru and was blown away with the energy!


My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer

by Rosita Arvigo & Nadine Epstein

This is a charming story of a woman who apprentices to Don Elijio Panti, an elderly Mayan healer and herbalist. Panti teaches his young apprentice Rosita about Mayan spiritual and herbal traditions and gives her many traditional uses for rainforest plants.

Talking with Nature

Talking with NatureTalking with Nature
by Michael J. Roads

Can you imagine how odd it would be to suddenly start hearing nature talk to you? That's exactly what happened to the author. He recounts his experiences listening to herons the river, and domestic animals. He merges with the mystical devas (nature angels) and comes back with a message of harmony and hope.

Journey Into Nature

Journey Into NatureJourney Into Nature: A spiritual adventure
by Michael J. Roads

Author Michael Roads explores the nature of energy, the foundations of personal power, and the limits of reality. He merges with the consciousness of the natural world and shares its loving messages with us.

Journey Into Oneness

Journey Into OnenessJourney Into Oneness
by Michael J. Roads

Having passed the initiations posed by the nature spirit Pan, Michael Roads enters the nonphysical realms where linear time abruptly ends and he is faced with the absolute unknown. Michael finds himself in his light body and meets numerous beings who expand his view of reality into the oneness.


SpiritWalkerSpiritWalker: Messages from the Future
by Hank Wesselman

When anthropologist Hank Wesselman started experiencing wild visions and journeys out of his present time and space he thought something was wrong with him. The "dreams" became more and more vivid until he had to accept that he was traveling into the future to look at society through the eyes of a postmodern tribal man. Maintaining his scientific objectivity, the author explores the other times and spaces with a sense of wonder, curiosity and awe. This true story will blow you away.

The Sorcerer's Crossing

The Sorcerer's CrossingThe Sorcerer's Crossing: A Woman's Journey
by Taisha Abelar

This is the story of Taisha's early training in the company of Carlos Castenada's crowd of sorcerer's. Ablelar's teachers giver her very specific physical, emotional, and mental exercises for releasing the energy of her entire past (recapitulation) and for building up her newfound spiritual power. Try some of the exercises... they work!

Emissary of Light

Emissary of LightEmissary of Light
by James Twyman

James travels into war-torn countries where he meets the emissary, an ascended master teacher who shows him how to meditate and to reach into alternate dimensions to bring about world peace. Very thought-provoking and inspiring.

Medicine Woman

Seventh MoonMedicine Woman
by Lynn V. Andrews

In Medicine Woman, Lynn Andrews is mystically guided to meet her Native American shaman teachers, and she is trained to gather and hold her female power. A great story with many references to native spirituality.

Seventh Moon

Seventh Moon
The Flight of the Seventh Moon: The Teachings of the Shields
by Lynn V. Andrews

With the help of her teachers, Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs, Lynn Andrews learns the powers of the four directions as she constructs shields that reflect both the dark and light sides of her spirit. If you're interested in nontraditional shamanic symbology and practice, this book offers some interesting perspectives.

Jaguar Woman

Jaguar WomanJaguar Woman and the Wisdom of the Butterfly Tree
by Lynn V. Andrews

"Jaguar Woman" recounts the author's journey into South America where she learns all about female power from her shaman teachers. Zoila, Lynn Andrews' Mayan teacher initiates her in a ceremony of La Ultima Madre where Lynn dramatically learns the strengths and pitfalls of being a powerful woman. Educational and enthralling, this is one of my favorite books by Lynn Andrews. Unfortunately it is out of print, but if you click on the symbol to the right, can often help you find a used copy.

Crystal Woman

Crystal WomanCrystal Woman: The Sisters of the Dreamtime
by Lynn V. Andrews

Lynn Andrews journeys with her teachers into the Australian outback where she meets the 'clever women' teachers, who instruct her in entering the dreamtime and working with the power of crystals.

Windhorse Woman

Windhorse WomanWindhorse Woman
by Lynn V. Andrews

Lynn Andrews takes off on a magical journey through the dimensions that teaches her essential lessons about love and unity.

The Woman of Wyrrd

The Woman of WyrrdThe Woman of Wyrrd
by Lynn V. Andrews

Lynn Andrews journeys into a past life in Celtic times where she meets her old teacher and learns how to journey out of body, how to gather and work with herbs, and how one can fly in spirit. Wonderful lessons in life and love.


ShakkaiShakkai: Woman of the Sacred Garden
by Lynn V. Andrews

Lynn Andrews journeys into a future lifetime as a young Japanese woman where she learns the secrets of the sacared garden, and at long last unites with her soul mate in that lifetime.

Journeys Out of the Body

Journeys Out of the BodyJourneys out of the Body
by Robert Monroe

Robert Monroe is a pioneer in the field of out-of-body experiences. In this book he details his initial confusion, and then his sense of curiosity and wonder as he learns how to maneuver his consciousness in altered states of reality. This story will fascinate you whether or not you remember having any out of body experiences yourself.

Far Journeys

Far JourneysFar Journeys
by Robert Monroe

"Far Journeys" continues Robert Monroe explorations of this altered state of awareness known as the OBE, or out-of-body experience. The book reflects over a decade of research into the OBE phenomena.

Ultimate Journey

Ultimate JourneyUltimate Journey
by Robert Monroe

Monroe documents his trips on the "interstate" of altered awareness. He tries to categorize levels or layers of consciousness and describes his adventures with nonphysical beings. He shatters our established notions of reality and yet attempts to build a new paradigm. Fascinating. I loved it!

Ultimate Journey

Ultimate JourneyThe Prayer the Devil Answered
by KAthleen Phifer

"Heartrending and poignant, the true-life episodes shared by author Kathleen Phifer in her book will surely stir your heart. The Prayer The Devil Answered is a journey of essays memoirs or life vignettes that follows and shows the physical pain she endured, the anguish she faced, and the fears she overcame. In this gripping, no-holds-barred account of her twenty-year journey, she honestly exposes her innermost thoughts and emotions after a diagnosis with a potentially life threatening disease.

Ultimate Journey

Ultimate JourneySpirit at Work - A Journey of Healing
by Lois Grant

SPIRIT AT WORK is a non-fiction adventure of one woman's path, accompanied by her friends and family, to find a miracle.

Crippling illness and disappointing results from Western medicine lead Lois Grant to self-discovery, spiritual growth, physical healing and the company of angels. Her story is simple, to the point and charmingly told. Its message is clear - if you are willing to take the first step toward discovering your true identity, all the help you need will be given.

Lois Grant's book inspires readers with her courage in the face of pain and offers valuable insight, prayers, mediations, and affirmations from Michael and other angels, as well as over twenty pages of helpful appendices. This is a nonsectarian book to benefit anyone and a truly wonderful read to delight everyone.


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