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Herbs and Aromatherapy

Complete Book of Herbs

Complete Book of HerbsThe Complete Book of Herbs
by Lesley Bremness

This is one of my herbal bibles. It has a full-color photographic directory of over 100 herbs, ideas for colorful and fragrant decorations, over 80 recipes for everything herbal, and traditional tips and techniques for creating potpourri, herbal papers, and dyes . . . as well as expert advice on planting, growing, and harvesting! Whew! Its all there!

by Lesley Bremness

 Medicinal Herbal

 Medicinal HerbalThe Complete Medicinal Herbal
by Penelope Ody

This is a fully illustrated guide to herbs for the lay person. It features color photos of more than 120 medicinal herbs and plants with therapeutic properties, showing the different parts and how they are used. It includes over 250 safe and effective home remedies which, in my experience, have worked very well. Another classic for your herbal bookshelf!

Herbal Treasures

Herbal TreasuresHerbal Treasures
by Phyllis V. Shaudys

Oh, is this a fun book for the herbal enthusiast!! It combines recipes, crafts, gardening hints, and all sorts of wonderful ideas for using herbs to complement your life! Try out the author's potpourri's, garden designs, housekeeping ideas with herbs, recipes, decorations, weddings and showers, and you name it! Its all in this book. My garden went wild the year I bought the book and I was inspired to hang flowers all over the house.

The Scented Room

The Scented RoomThe Scented Room
by Barbara Ohrbach

Even if you're not usually inspired to add herbal and floral treasures to your house, this book is so beautiful you may just change your mind! The book is a veritable garden of craft ideas for the home, inspired by products the author offers in her upscale store for the home.

Book of Essential Oils

Book of Essential OilsThe Complete Book of Essential Oils
by Valerie Ann Wormwood

This is yet another aromatherapy book I can't do without. Containing over 600 formulas for all sorts of health, beauty and environmental uses, "The Complete Book of Essential Oils" is an aromatherapy classic. I've referred to my copy so many times. I love it.

Aromatherapy Basics

Aromatherapy BasicsAromatherapy Basics
by Dave & Carol Schiller

Carol & Dave Schiller bring us another wonderful new classic on aromatherapy. If you're a beginner, start here! Beautifully organized and informative "Aromatherapy Basics" will teach you all you need to know to get started for a lifetime of using essential oils.

Mind & Body

Mind & BodyAromatherapy for Mind & Body
by Dave & Carol Schiller

I was thrilled when Carol & Dave Schiller wrote this book because they were my aromatherapy teachers and their formulas & simple visualizations work! Discover how to use aromatherapy... plant extracts... to help unlock the powers of the mind. Formulas are given for dreams, introspection, meditation, visualization, and other mental and emotional exercises. You'll find recipes for baths, candles, creams, facial sauna, massage, mist sprays and more!

A Complete Guide

A Complete GuideAromatherapy Oils - A Complete Guide
by Dave, Carol, & Jeff Schiller

This book looks so familiar to me! When I was studying Aromatherapy under Carol Schiller in the early 90's, she gave us the paper handouts that later became this comprehensive guide to essential oils. In here you'll find the history, usage, and properties of 160 different essential oils, along with specific formulas, and safe handling instructions. Whether you're new or experienced in aromatherapy, you'll agree that this a fantastic reference.

500 Formulas

500 Formulas500 Formulas for Aromatherapy
by Dave & Carol Schiller

"500 Formulas" is an aromatherapy cookbook! In here you will find mixtures for home, children, bath, body, health, skin care, suntan oil, hair care, garden, and so much more! A "must have" reference for anyone dabbling in aromatherapy! Note that this is purely a book of mixtures. It is a wonderful companion to Carol & Dave Schiller's informative book, "Aromatherapy Oils" The Complete Guide."

Art of Aromatherapy

Art of AromatherapyThe Art of Aromatherapy
by Robert B. Tisserand

"The Art of Aromatherapy" is another classic reference in the field. Robert Tisserand details the history and usage of essential oils and then goes into detail about 20 specific oils, using them to alleviate over 100 conditions.

Aromatherapy For Women

Aromatherapy For WomenAromatherapy For Women
by Maggie Tisserand

Maggie Tisserand has put together a wonderful collection of aromatherapy formulas for hair, skin, female issues, childbirth, pregnancy, and massage. This is a playful and informative book for any woman in love with essential oils!


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