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Evolution of Human Consciousness

True Balance

EarthThe Power of Now
A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment
by Eckhart Tolle

Buy this and read it again and again. Let its wisdom soak in, practice the exercises recommended between these pages, and touch God. This book is the only one you need to attain enlightenment if you are brave enough to work on the principles within. Tolle asks us to give up the insanity of the mind, to get in touch with our Timeless Presence and to have an experience of our eternal nature. This book can change lives. I have witnessed the changes firsthand in those who have embraced its truth.

Return of the Bird TribesPracticing The Power of Now
Essential Meditations, Teachings and Exercises
from the Power of Now
by Eckhart Tolle

As a result of the phenomenal success of "The Power of Now" Tolle released this companion workbook to help users remember the essential truths and put them into practice. Phenomenally helpful!

True Balance

Return of the Bird TribesThe Divine Matrix
by Gregg Braden

Between 1993 and 2000, a series of groundbreaking experiments revealed dramatic evidence of a web of energy that connects everything in our lives and our world—the Divine Matrix. From the healing of our bodies, to the success of our careers, relationships, and the peace between nations, this new evidence demonstrates that we each hold the power to speak directly to the force that links all of creation. What would it mean to discover that the power to create joy, to heal suffering, and bring peace to nations lives inside of you? How differently would you live if you knew how to use this power each day of your life? Join Gregg Braden on this extraordinary journey bridging science, spirituality and miracles through the language of The Divine Matrix.

Return of the Bird Tribes

Return of the Bird TribesReturn of the Bird Tribes
by Ken Carey

Myth, mystery, and mysticism with a Native American slant. I was entranced with the story of the prehistoric bird tribes and their prophecies.

The Starseed Transmissions

The Starseed TransmissionsThe Starseed Transmissions
by Ken Carey

Poetic and inspiring, Ken's material presents a startling new view of human evolution.

The Third Millennium

The Third MillenniumThe Third Millennium:
Living in the Post Historic World

by Ken Carey

This book predicts a new social structure, economy and politics and gives tools for perceiving higher levels of awareness.

Bringers of the Dawn

Bringers of the Dawn Bringers of the Dawn
by Barbara Marciniak

Barbara's otherworldly spiritual mentors, the Pleidians teach us about life, their view of the universe, and energy. Expand your mind with this one! Explore a different possibly view of reality and history.


EarthEarth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library
by Barbara Marciniak

Once again Marianne reminds us that the true love we are all seeking is the love of the Divine. In her usual personal and inspiring manner, she shows how this longing for union with spirit affects all our relationships, especially the relationship with ourselves. Inspiring, educational, and insightful.


EarthFinding Your Authentic Voice
by Andrea Beaulieu

By listening to Your Authentic Voice, you naturally communicate more clearly, powerfully, and passionately; you make wise choices that reflect your unique strengths and produce the best result; you navigate change and transitions more easily; you apply greater focus, relevance, and creativity in your day-to-day decision making; you have greater access to your knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. And perhaps most amazingly, you open the door to experience the extraordinary - that sense of aliveness and meaning that results from living an authentic life.


EarthThe Origins of Man and the Universe
by Barry Long

The Origins of Man and the Universe, or the 'myth that came to life', is the story of how we and the earth got here - from the Big Bang to the coming End of Time. Barry Long relates our inner life to the outer world in ways that draw us towards the solution of the ultimate puzzle: What's behind it all? What on earth are we doing here?

The author uses gnosis, or the knowledge of the unknown, to reveal the essentially simple structures that govern our complex existence and howwe fit into the universal scheme of things. He shows how a spiritual principle became intelligent flesh and blood; how existence is formed; how 'nothing' becomes 'something'. He reconciles the dilemmas of science and religion by transcending them. This is metaphysics made meaningful through self-knowledge, not the abstractions of science or philosophy.


EarthThe Four Principes
by Omni-Emmanuel

"In the tradition of guides such as Seth and Orin, Omni, a wise guide brought through John Payne, encourages and inspires us with his words of loving wisdom to fulfill our potential and to create a life of joy, love, and abundance. He shows us how to read the meaning and message behind the events of our lives (and in the greater universe) so we can create the reality we want and learn from what we have created." --Sanaya Roman, author of Living with Joy


EarthLaid Off, Now What
by Sherry Scholer

You've just been laid off... now what? This is the guide that will take you from the very first moments and emotions of dealing with the news and what you'll need to do first, on to the steps for developing and preparing yourself even before beginning your job search. It then guides you through the actual job hunting and interviewing process, providing insights and recommendations throughout. There is a lot of information available on the internet to help you with your job search, but it is often overwhelming and sometimes conflicting. Making sense of it can be confusing and waste valuable time. This guide helps focus you so you can take advantage of the available resources instead of being consumed by them. Even if you haven't been laid off, the progressive series of exercises, tips and inspirations included in this guide will help you uncover, develop and present your very best to the world so you can succeed in getting the job you want and the one that's right for you.


EarthThe Seven Doors
by Daniel Noyes

Brought together under curious circumstances, Berkeley doctoral student Nick Summers is enthusiastically befriended by a mysterious philosophy professor. With the help of a young physicist, Emily, the three discover a secret message hidden within an unusual object found near Stonehenge. When they unlock its code, a stunning holographic projection reveals a detailed guide for the journey of life after death. Before the academians can finish the message, a nefarious stranger steals the object. Recognizing the relic’s incalculable value, the three friends embark on an adventure of global intrigue and peril. Along the way, Nick and Emily discover a new perspective on life and a sublime love for each other.

Ann's note: GREAT BOOK! I read it from cover to cover and feel it presents deep spiritual lessons on the multi-dimensional nature of reality in a very readable and compelling story!


EarthThe Future of the New Earth
compiled by Jason Randhawa

The Earth Is On The Brink of Either Catastrophe or Bliss -- You Choose. Many people are expecting the end of humanity in the next few years, but the best part is that out of humanity’s greatest “despair” comes the opportunity for personal/spiritual growth beyond anything that we could imagine - read articles by various experts and spiritual instructors about how we can create the new earth.


EarthThe Plan: The Need, The Hope, and The Promise
by Robert M. Jankel

The Plan details many strategies on how individuals can make positive changes in their lives and as a result, how the whole world can make similar changes.

The themes within the book are universal and philosophical but at the same time touch on every day life.  Its focus is on how each of us can make a change and how the whole world can move toward the good.  Central to The Plan are concepts for nondenominational, worldwide prayer, a world government and a universal language.


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