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Children's Stories

Little Soul Books

Little Soul Books is a set of storybooks dealing with spiritual topics but written in simpler terms that a child can understand. These books can be downloaded, courtesy of author Melody, for FREE!! Click here to download.

One Soul

Cassandra's Angel
Inside Out

by Wendy Stofen Halley & Roberta Collier-Morales

Inside Out, is the story of a young girl named Karly and her special invisible friend, Natasha. After reading this book with your child, you will always see an invisible friend as something very special...their spirit. You will learn the true meaning of the phrase that mothers everywhere tell their children, "It's what's on the inside that counts." and children will learn to value themselves. A good builder of self-esteem!

Cassandra's Angel

Cassandra's Angel
by Gina Otto & Trudy Joost

Written in lyrical rhyme by Gina Otto and strikingly illustrated by Trudy Joost in full color, it tells the story of Cassandra, a young girl who is constantly being told by adults that she can't do anything right. But after she endures repeated verbal assaults that wear down her spirit, her very own angel visits her and gives her a new perspective on herself and others. Click Here to visit the author's website!


CallieCallie the Caterpillar
by Richard & Linda Pollock

Journey with Callie as he invents things caterpillars never dreamed of. Meeting Billy Butterfly forces Callie to make a difficult decision. Can he leave behind something he loves to achieve something greater?

This book addresses the spiritual lessons that allow us to evolve as conscious beings. By choosing to let go of attachments that limit us and perservering through our worries and fears, we transform and realize that our basic essence remains unchanged. Click Here to visit the author's website.

Sky Bounce

CallieSky Bounce

by Deanna Miller

"Sky Bounce" is a spiritually uplifting fantasy in the tradition of Madeleine L'Engle and C.S. Lewis, only it doesn't advocate a specific religion. It's for ages 10 and up, but adults have enjoyed it as well.

"Sky Bounce" won the 2004 Wilbur Award for Fiction, given by the Religion Communicators Council, an interfaith association, to "recognize excellence in the communication of religious issues,values, and themes in the secular media," as stated at

It was also field nominated by reviewers for ALA's Best Books for Young Adults, Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature, Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults, and Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Readers.


Cassandra's AngelKelanola, the Raven Princess of Oahu
by Debra Gannon Neuberger

This is a story about a raven princess set in the islands of Hawaii. It is full of beautiful illustrations. Meet Kimo the whale, Wineke the sea turtle and Kanoa, who is Kelanolas best friend. Enjoy this hawaiian story and learn hawaiian words too.

In Hawaii, aumakua is a honored hawaiian spirit ancestor who might assume many forms, including a raven. Many years ago ravens were predominantly found on the Big Island of Hawaii. For unknown reasons they began to die off. The survivors were taken into captivity and are still, to this day, being hand raised so we can continue to enjoy these intelligent, vocal, spiritual, and beautiful black birds. Ravens are known as great imitators of sounds including the human voice. They are spirit guides who aid the deceased. Hawaiian legend says when someone dies they are taken by the sacred raven to a high point where they leap into the next world. Ravens are credited with continuing communications between this world and the next.

Seymour's leaves

 Seymour's LeavesBilss
by Dorreya Wood

Bliss tells the story of an enlightened little butterfly that happily spreads light and wonder to all the unusual woodland creatures wherever she goes.Through her joyful understanding we learn that each and everyone of us are a part of everything. We soon discover that there is no separation or death and that we are never alone.

Seymour's leaves

 Seymour's LeavesSeymour's Winter Leaves
by Richard & Linda Pollock

Step into Seymours world as he learns what it takes to overcome his shyness and accept himself just the way he is. Seymour needs to dig down deep to his very roots to come up with a life changing realization that allows him to reclaim his self-esteem.
This is the scenario of having a problem, praying for help, experiencing a profound spiritual awakening, and witnessing the miracle of having your prayer answered. Click Here to visit the author's website.

Seymour's leaves

 Seymour's LeavesStrange things are happening in Briarwood Falls
by Erin Miller

Follow young Kenny Fischer on his first day of seventh grade. A series of bizarre events and peculiar occurrences results in the Fischer family conclusion: strange things are happening in Briarwood Falls!

Seymour's leaves

 Seymour's LeavesSpirit Boy
by Tricia Kelly

Spirit Boy, the lead character in Tricia Kelly's new novel, knows how to explain 'the Secret ' and how the Universal Law of Attraction works in a way teens and kids can understand this powerful information. Spirit Boy helps kids understand that their problems at home, at school, and with friends, are nothing more than small obstacles they can easily overcome by staying in ‘the zone.’ By changing their thoughts to one of well being they will automatically vibrate on a higher frequency. Spirit Boy teaches them how easy it is to change their direction in life and manifest everything they have ever dreamed of... and more when they use the Law of Attraction.


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