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Authors - Lynn Andrews

Medicine Woman

Medicine WomanMedicine Woman
by Lynn V. Andrews

In Medicine Woman, Lynn Andrews is mystically guided to meet her Native American shaman teachers, and she is trained to gather and hold her female power. A great story with many references to native spirituality.

Seventh Moon

Seventh MoonThe Flight of the Seventh Moon:
The Teachings of the Shields
by Lynn V. Andrews

With the help of her teachers, Agnes Whistling Elk and Ruby Plenty Chiefs, Lynn Andrews Lynn learns the powers of the four directions as she constructs shields that reflect both the dark and light sides of her spirit. If you're interested in nontraditional shamanic symbology and practice, this book offers some wonderful perspectives.

Jaguar Woman

JJaguar Womanaguar Woman and the Wisdom of the Butterfly Tree
by Lynn V. Andrews

"Jaguar Woman" recounts the author's journey into South America where she learns all about female power from her shaman teachers. Zoila, Lynn Andrews' Mayan teacher initiates her in a ceremony of La Ultima Madre where Lynn dramatically learns the strengths and pitfalls of being a powerful woman. Educational and enthralling, this is one of my favorite books by Lynn Andrews. Unfortunately it is out of print, but if you click on the symbol to the right, can often help you find a used copy.

Crystal Woman

Crystal WomanCrystal Woman: The Sisters of the Dreamtime
by Lynn V. Andrews

Lynn Andrews journeys with her teachers into the Australian outback where she meets the 'clever women' teachers, who instruct her in entering the dreamtime and working with the power of crystals.

Windhorse Woman

Windhorse WomanWindhorse Woman
by Lynn V. Andrews

Lynn Andrews takes off on a magical journey through the dimensions that teaches her essential lessons about love and unity.

The Woman of Wyrrd

The Woman of WyrrdThe Woman of Wyrrd
by Lynn V. Andrews

Lynn Andrewsn journeys into a past life in Celtic times where she meets her old teacher and learns how to journey out of body, how to gather and work with herbs, and how one can fly in spirit. Wonderful lessons in life and love.


ShakkaiShakkai: Woman of the Sacred Garden
by Lynn V. Andrews

Lynn Andrews journeys into a future lifetime as a young Japanese woman where she learns the secrets of the sacared garden, and at long last unites with her soul mate in that lifetime.

Dark Sister

Dark SisterDark Sister: A Sorcerer's Love Story
by Lynn V. Andrews

In this story, Lynn Andrews sheds light on the dark side of power and the transformational and healing power of love as she recounts the tale of a spiritual woman who has succumbed to the temptations of power, and the man who rescues her with his love.

Edge of Two Worlds

Edge of Two WorldsWoman at the Edge of Two Worlds
by Lynn V. Andrews

A powerful and sensitively written book about a shaman woman's journey through menopause and how she helps guide her apprentices to discover their power at the same time in their own lives. Learn to see your life's major passage as a powerful and spiritual time.

Walk In Spirit

Walk In SpiritWalk In Spirit
by Lynn V. Andrews

Another great reference for ceremonies, gatherings, or simply those who wish to connect more deelpy with the great mystery. Contains prayers for each season as well as prayers to help you through life's transitions.

Love and Power

Love and PowerLove and Power
by Lynn V. Andrews

A shaman and a seer, Lynn Andrews examines the two sides of life force and how we must balance them to achieve a truly satisfying life. What the easterners call yin and yang, Lynn calls love and power. I found this book to be extremely useful in my own life.

Love and Power Journal

Love and Power JournalThe Love and Power Journal
by Lynn V. Andrews

This companion journal is a follow-up to Lynn Andrews' Book "Love and Power." She invites you to practice a year of balancing love and power in your own life, giving you many tools for self-reflection, empowerment, and insight.

Power Deck

Power DeckThe Power Deck: The Cards of Wisdom
by Lynn V. Andrews

The 45 beautifully illustrated cards in the power deck are a great tool for self-discover and personal growth. Pick one a day then meditate on the card's truth to find out how it applies to your own life. Tap into the wisdom on the planet and empower yourself!

Sacred Wheel

Sacred WheelTeachings Around the Sacred Wheel:
Finding the Soul of the Dreamtime

by Lynn V. Andrews

This is a step-by-step guide for using shamanic techniques, ceremonies, meditations and tools to facilitate your personal growth. If you feel connected to the earth and wish to learn how to tap into native wisdom that has been modified for modern use & understanding this is a fantastic handbook.

Tree of Dreams

Sacred WheelThe Tree of Dreams
Finding the Soul of the Dreamtime

by Lynn V. Andrews

Slipping back and forth between her writer's life as a white woman in New York City and her mystical life amongst the native Indian women of northern Canada, Lynn Andrews weaves a wise woman's tale of aging. As the popular bestselling author (Medicine Woman) now faces her own midlife passage.


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