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The Afterlife & Reincarnation

One Last Time One Last TimeJohnny Angel is My Brother:
A Psychic Medium's Journey

by Cheryl Booth

Cheryl Booth is a dear friend and a phenomenally accurate psychic medium. She has helped thousands connect with their lost relatives, found missing persons, and offered peace, comfort, and healing to all who seek her services. In this book she shares her personal story of growing up with a special needs brother, and her telepathic communication with him in both life and death. Johnny is Cheryl's angel and one of her greatest teachers in spirit communication. This book also inspires you to look differently at souls with special needs - perhaps they are the enlightened ones!

One Last Time

One Last TimeOne Last Time
by John Edward

John Edwards is an extraordinary medium whose show, "Crossing Over" became an amazing success. Psychic since childhood, and a medium for years, John shares his inspiring stories of his own journey and communication with the afterlife, as well as pointers and meditations for communicating with your own loved ones who have crossed over. This book is for all who wish to touch a piece of the beyond, to know your loved ones live past death, and to find more meaning in your own lives and relationships.

Talking To Heaven

Talking To HeavenTalking To Heaven
by James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh didn't ask to be a medium--one who communicates with folks who have passed on--but that's exactly what happened. He tells his story of working with the deceased and bringing messages of hope, forgiveness, and spiritual instruction from the other side. If you've lost a loved one and would like to learn to communicate with them, I highly recommend this book!


VisitationsVisitations from the Afterlife
True Stories of Love and Healing

by Lee Lawson

If you have ever received a visitation from a loved one who has crossed over, or if you are simply seeking answers about life after death, this beautiful book will inspire you and move you to tears. Author Lee Lawson has collected many accounts of people who have crossed over visiting those of us who remain on earth. This book will validate you, inspire you, and help you see life and death from a higher perspective.

Reaching To Heaven

Reaching To HeavenReaching To Heaven
by James Van Praagh

After the incredible success of his first book "Talking to Heaven" author James Van Praagh continues to educate us about life after death, using inspiring and personal stories from his sessions. "Reaching to Heaven" reminds us of our own divine spark and urges us to trust that we too can receive messages from the other side.

Many Lives

Many LivesMany Lives Many Masters
by Brian L. Weiss, M.D

Dr. Brian L. Weiss thought he was going to use conventional hypnosis to help a patient in therapy. Instead he began a fascinating journey with her through past lifetimes, and most astounding of all, into the time in between lives. You'll love this quick and easy-to-read true story.

Only Love is Real

Only Love is RealOnly Love is Real
by Brian L. Weiss

A terrific story of Elizabeth and Pedro, two separate clients of Dr. Brian L. Weiss who ended up recounting the same past lives. Weiss tells of his gradual realization that they once "knew" each other, his dilemma about what to do about it in this life, and the unfolding of a very happy ending. Good proof that soulmates do find one another again!

Children's Past Lives

Children's Past Lives
Children's Past Lives
by Carol Bowman

An excellent, ground breaking work on children's past life memories. The author emphasizes how this information can change our view of children as being to be 'shaped and molded' into beings who have infinite wisdom to share. She shares her methods of working with children's past life memories.

A Year to Live

A Year to LiveA Year to Live:
How to Live this Year as if it Were Your Last

by Stephen Levine

What if you had only a year to live? How would your priorities change? How would you make peace with your life? The answers will free you to live in the present moment. The book is filled with exercises and thoughts on the process. Particularly valuable are the meditations on forgiveness, release, and dying.

A Year to Live

A Year to LivePracticing Conscious Living and Dying: Stories of the Eternal Continuum of Consciousness
by Annamaria Hemingway

I love this book. Reading of other's Near Death Experiences reminds you of heaven and Annamaria's comments on life, death, and how the two are intricately intertwined give you pause to think about what is of real value while we are here.This is a beautiful work that reminds us that we are eternal souls on an eternal journey.

The Seance

The SeanceThe Seance
by Suzane Northrop & Kate McLaughlin

When I began receiving messages from the 'other side' my friend Cheryl Booth who trained under British mediums, gave me this book. It has helped tremendously! In a humorous and factual manner, author and gifted medium Suzane Northrop recounts her lifetime of working with folks on the other side. She shares basic truths with you as well as pointers for getting in touch with your loved ones. This should be a bestseller.

The Eagle and the Rose

The Eagle and the RoseThe Eagle and the Rose
by Rosemary Altea

I met Rosemary briefly at a bookstore lecture. She's amazing. She can see people who have passed on, standing there, in spirit, next to their loved ones. She can describe them in great detail -- their likes and dislikes, how they died, and the messages that they have to share with their loved ones. In this book she talks about her process of opening up to the non-physical realms, and how she met her Native American spirit teacher and guide.

Proud Spirit

Proud SpiritProud Spirit
by Rosemary Altea

Picking up where her last book "The Eagle and the Rose" left off, gifted medium Rosemary Altea and her guide Grey Eagle introduce us to the healing and wisdom of the spirit world. If you're interested in life after death this is a wonderful book to add to your collection.

We Don't Die

We Don't DieWe Don't Die
by Joel Martin & Patricia Romanowski

If you've lost someone, read this. It will give you hope and inspiration about life after death. The authors recount many different sessions with professional medium George Anderson who seems able to get very specific names and details from the deceased.

We Don't DieCourageous Souls
by Robert Schwartz

Courageous Souls explores the premise that we are all eternal souls who plan our lives, including our greatest challenges, before we're born for purposes of spiritual growth.

The book contains ten stories of people who planned physical illness, having handicapped children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, losing a loved one, and severe accidents. The information about their pre-birth plans was obtained by four very gifted mediums and channels, including one who has the ability both to see and to hear our pre-birth planning sessions. The book contains actual dialogue from these planning sessions.

As readers come to understand that they themselves planned many of their challenges, suffering that once seemed purposeless becomes imbued with deep meaning. Wisdom may be acquired in a more conscious manner; feelings of anger, blame, guilt, and victimization are replaced by acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and peace.

If you'd rather order directly from Robert, click here to visit his website.

Free Falling

Free FallingThe Spirit Garden, A Medium's Journey
by David Baker

In The Spirit Garden, David Baker carries you through his rough and unusual life of psychic experiences and failure to understand them. Faced with an amazing world of auras, ghosts, angels and spirits, Baker is still unable to ignore a fear that there is something severely wrong with him. From an elevated existence the seer crashes down to a loss of everything. From that point, about to give up, a vision comes that saves his life and forces him in a new direction. Now inspired by spirit and held together by faith, Baker slowly begins to take his life back in this touching and inspiring story.

If you'd rather order directly from David, click here to visit his website.

Free Falling

Free FallingFree Falling
by Sherri Neilson

Sherri Neireates a brilliant work of fiction weaving past and present lives. When recurrent nightmares of falling drive Denise to undergo hypnosis, she discovers she lived a previous life as Olivia, the wife of a powerful plantation owner in South Carolina just prior to the Civil War. Sickened by her husband's cruelty, Olivia finds solace in a friendship with her coach driver, Wilson. As friendship turns into love, however, Olivia and Wilson are faced with decisions that affect their very lives. As Denise re-lives Olivia's journey from the moss-draped oaks of Chesterfield Plantation to the frantic streets of Charleston during South Carolina's secession, it becomes hard to tell where Olivia's life ends and hers begins. She knows that if she's not careful, history will repeat itself.

 A Walk through Grief

 A Walk through GriefA Walk Through Grief, Crossing the Bridge Between Worlds

by Linda Pendleton

Author, Linda Pendleton shares her experience in dealing with her husband's death and crossing the bridge between worlds to develop a new relationship with him.

Free Falling

Adventures of A PsychicSpirit Orb Phenomena: Fact or Fiction
by Anthony Kevan Sercombe

Put simply, spirit orbs are images of humans which can be captured with camera. The writer takes the trouble of sharing how easily spirit orbs can be easily confused with reflected light on camera and other natural anomalies, however it made clear that spirit orbs images are definitely different to some tricks of the light.

The many illustrations (98 colour photographs) offer, at least interesting if not compelling evidence of this phenomena. Perhaps the most appealing fact about this phenomena is that all it takes is a digital camera for anyone to possibly capture such intriguing images.

Anthony Kevan Sercombe''s book offers a fascinating introduction and explanations to a little known topic. Not only that, but readers will find it also provides a doorway into the mysterious world of the spiritual afterlife.


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