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Join us in the World Prayer

Together our prayers are powerful and the angels say there is nothing more powerful than praying to change our world from the inside out. They gave me this prayer years ago and asked that I share it freely.

If you wish to join in this prayer, create stillness in your heart and mind. Invite the Divine into your life and repeat the words below. God knows the desires of our hearts. We are a powerful force for change when we join together. Thank you, and may your life be blessed with all that you dream and more.

A Message from Heaven

"Join your hearts and prayers together
as one and I will hear you.

Ask for healing, abundance, joy, health,
and equity on this planet.

Never underestimate the power of your intent.
Never think that I do not hear you praying
in the silence. When enough souls join to make
the same requests, your lives will change.

I have heard you across the miles and
through the eons. I love you." . . .

World Prayer


Divine Source

We call to You with open hearts
and the innocence and purity of children.

Bless each of us, our families, our communities,
our nations & our world with sweet peace.

Help us heal the war between our heads
and our hearts so there will be no more wars
between nations.

Help us soothe our own pain & anger
so there will be no more violence
on our streets.

Allow us to release all our lost expectations
so we may walk in the beauty of
the Present Moment.


Erase from us the fear of lack so we can share
our resources, our time, and our stories
with one another, knowing that all
will come back to us tenfold.

Teach us to love ourselves
so we can truly love others.

Remind us we are precious in Your sight.

Help us see our uniqueness, experience our beauty, and know our powerful ability to create.

We ask you to help us experience life
as it was meant to be lived.

Gift us, Dear Divine Source, with the energy,
the faith, the will, and the guidance
to create our dream of Heaven on Earth.