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Ann is a dear friend and a very spiritual soul. She carries with her great wisdom and she has been blessed with the ability to share it in many different ways, and on many different levels. I have learned much from her books as well as her "Aura Hygiene CD". Her Angel meditations are the greatest guided meditations I have ever had the pleasure of coming across and I use them regularly. If you have not yet had the pleasure of being in contact with Ann or of being touched by her works, I urge you to. You will not be disappointed, rather blessed.
-- Sky

Ann was my first connection to this amazing life of light. Through Ann, Dr. Peebles confirmed my mission on Earth (this time!). I am eternally grateful to Ann for all the guidance and support. She is a beacon of love for all Light workers.
-- Davida

Ann has been a wonderful and comforting source of Angel Wisdom and positive spiritual guidance. She somehow manages to do this while conveying her messages in a down to earth and human level method - even giving her own life experiences as examples which really helps to bring in a connection to us all and greater understanding of the bigger picture. She is an inspiration to me and I've searched long and hard for someone who was gifted and sincere in their efforts to enlighten and spread love, joy and peace of mind to others. I'd recommend Ann Albers counsel, books, CD's, web site to anyone...and that isn't just idle talk... I've referred many friends and colleagues who were in need of some spiritual guidance and light. Ann is the best and the world can use her sort of optimism and spiritual comfort and guidance especially now when Peace and Hope are needed everywhere we turn. I'm glad to write this testimonial because it comes from my heart with the only intention being to thank Ann and help others to find the guidance that I found through her work and her generosity.
-- Cindy

When I want to be calmed and I want reassurance that I am loved, I go to this web site for a feel-good session.
-- Tessa Moss

I met Ann eight years ago when I was living in the Phoenix area. My first experience was a psychic reading that blew me away with its accuracy. I began going to her classes. A year later I learned that my husband was dying of cancer. He went quickly-only about 2 1/2 months after we learned of it. Ann was God's gift to me during this time. She was my support while he was in the hospital and following his crossing over. I moved back across country to NC and later back to Georgia but I still talk to her by phone at least once a year. I miss her classes. I still use things I learned in them and now I get to enjoy her writing. I hope someday to be able to return to Phoenix for one of her classes or a seminar. Her weekly message from the angels always seems to hit home in some way. Her follow-up about how their message applies in her own life is an inspiration to me. I strive to judge people less, to go with the Spirit's flow, to let God take care of things in his time and his way. My mother recently crossed over and I have communicated with her through Ann. Knowing that my loved ones live on and that they are still with me in spirit is a great comfort. Ann is both a great inspiration and comfort.
-- Carol D.

Ann is a treasure. She's loving, compassionate, knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging, empowering, a perpetual student of life and has a quick whit to boot. I've had several private sessions with her, attended workshops she's given and read her weekly newsletter. I know if Ann is presenting a workshop, writing a book or sharing her life experiences, it will be fun, interesting and informative. She radiates a love of life. Ann shares from her heart, sees with God's eyes and has wonderful integrity. I particularly like the fact that she shares her own "lesson d' jour" because it show how humble she is and how she, like the rest of us, is in a constant state of evolution. Ann's open heart, non-judgmental mind, wonderful way of simplifying complex concepts and that wonderful laugh and smile of hers make her a true "gift from God." She really does have "visions from heaven." I'm an intuitive myself and, when I need a bit of coaching, I pick up the phone and make an appointment with Ann or sign up for one of her workshops. Just being in her energy lifts my spirits (no pun intended).
-- Joanne Stein, www.bestcoach4u.com

Ann has helped so many people around the world, including myself. She has a special way of helping people bring their "true selves," to the surface. Her books, classes, and Angel messages, truly are a gift from God. Thank you Ann!
-- Jim Law, www.landartworks.com

My life changed immediately from the very day my dear friend, Diane, forwarded me an email from Ann and the Angels. Upon reading her messages, I purchased Ann's book, Bridging the Gap between Mysticism and Christianity. Being a devote Catholic, this was a big step for me. Since then, my circle of friends has expanded to include Hindus, Buddhists and Wiccans, etc. I have purchased angel nick knacks, incense, candles, crystals, signed up for weekly Psychic Development Circles, weekly Shamanic Journey groups, monthly meditation groups, dolphin healing energy sessions and in late September will be signing up for Mediumship classes to help lost souls cross over. This has all happened in the past year. Ann was the catalyst which brought out my true self -- one who is more connected to the spiritual world than the earthly world. Thank God and the universe for the messages of Earth angels like Ann!
-- Laura Andrews

Ann Albers is gifted at creating practical, useful life "How To's", peppered with examples of life events and experiences we can all relate to, and shows us, that by asking for and listening to the angels guidance we can make shifts in our lives to heal, to love more, to forgive ourselves and others, and for me most of all, showing us how to honor and respect ourselves. Having taken a workshop, participated in an Angel Day conference, read most of her books and listened to her CDs.

Three things are constant about Ann and her work: 1. Real life events and experiences we can all relate to, and how by asking for guidance, and listening to the angels answers you can make shifts in your lives. 2. She is guided by her angels to share their love for us. Ann Albers is a shining example of a loving, caring, giving individual who has the courage to show us her struggles and accomplishments, to stand in the spotlight, sharing her life adventures with the angels. 3. By following Ann's guidance you can make positive changes in your life.

The biggest change, that has come from Ann's work is to be loving to myself and to honor that I don't always need to do things for other people. I realized that they need the opportunity to learn and grow as well. I need time to do what I want and what makes me happy. It's ok to want and have quiet time, to read a book, to leap to my feet and dance around the house just for fun because then I am happier and it shows in my interaction with everyone. Take a workshop, read one of Ann's books or listen to one of her topics on CD. Enjoy Ann's perspectives on growing and healing. Thank you Ann for sharing your life with Planet Earth in such a large way.
-- Linda Patrick

Ann is a sweet, playful spirit who helped me discover how much the angels loved me which helped me very much with learning to love myself enough to start taking care of me - not leaving myself till last.
-- Eleanor

People ask me when I became aware of my spiritual journey. Ann Albers helped me open my heart in 1996 during her playshop: Meet Your Guardian Angel. Ever since then, she has been my spiritual counselor, friend and a beacon of light in my journey. Ann's gift of love for humanity has a rippling effect, touching hearts worldwide. Thank you Ann, for touching mine.
-- Barbara Becker

Dear Ann & Angels, I get a lot of wisdom and answers in my life by receiving your messages. Thank you for being here.
-- Love Monique

I had searched and search for "my purpose", never expecting to ever figure it all out. Ann asked if I had a question and her answer was the one I had waited for after 5 degrees and lots of roads. Ann, thanks so much for your choice to serve.
-- Donna Joy

Thank you Ann for being a clear channel to the realm of pure love that exists for all of us and for reminding me that it envelops me constantly and all I have to do is consciously resonate with it. Your classes, tapes books and sessions have served as a reminder for me of how loved we all are.
-- Laurie Shannon

Ann's book, Love is the River: Learning to Live in the Flow of Divine Grace came into my life at a perfect time - Her gentle wisdom and guidance continues to encourage me to flow with my heart even when I have to challenge myself to go thru the difficulties change can bring - Ann has a remarkable way of steering without force, of showing without preaching, of loving without restraint. She is a genuine and wonderful soul and we are fortunate indeed to have her wisdom in our lives.
-- Jana Baldridge Vargas

During a time when my life was at its lowest, Ann told me about the man I would meet who would be the man I prayed for. Also that ours lives would be happier than I could have even imagined. Two years later I met this man and in exactly how Ann stated we would meet. We have been married for 5 years and love the Brady Bunch effect it took on our family. Ann has helped me to listen to the angels and adhere to their guidance and help and realize I am not alone. She helped me talk to my Mom and my daughter after their passing. She helped me to believe. My life is happier because Ann helped me. I love you Ann. Thank you so much I will always be grateful to Ann.
-- Kathy Weed, PS. Paul says "THANK YOU!!!!" too.

What can I say, I enjoy Ann's messages from the Angels and I have read one of her books about Christianity and Spirituality, it really helped with questions I was having myself. I also want to add that when I have emailed her she is very prompt and she speaks to you as if she knows you. A very caring and angelic spirit!!!
-- Carol

Living in PA and having a home here in AZ. I heard about a reading while living in PA from a young lady that had a friend who decided to take his own life on his 21st birthday along with his partner at the same time so they would be together forever. This young lady contacted one of my best friends, the young man's mother, and the rest is history. When we heard Ann's tape from young Tim from the other side, it was like he was standing in front of us and telling his mother things about his life then and what it is now like on the other side. So many things said could only come from Tim NO ONE ELSE would have known the things that were on the tape. From that time on my search was to find Ann for just one reading in my lifetime. It took me 5 years to find her and meet her for the first time. I just had to see this person in my lifetime. Ann had no openings and sent me to several very good Psychics during her busy times. She is the real thing and since I met her took several of her classes and waited my turn for a reading as well as read and listen to many of her books and tapes. She has helped me through rough times of my as well as my daughter and grand daughter and for that I will never forget the good she has to share and help everyone in this lifetime. I will never forget the first time I met her after searching for so many years from thousands of miles away. It was at a class she was teaching at the center and I didn't know it was going to be her until I attended the class and heard her name. All I could think was WOW, Ann Albers, after all these years here in person sitting in front of me! I never had an idea what she even looked like....lol
-- Ralph

Ann's book Love is the River has been exactly what I needed in my life right now,...the message of surrendering,..and how to trust and allow life to happen have been so helpful and healing to me. I use the information constantly and refer back to it in times of need. The angels are always with us, and Ann helps me to remember this.
-- Gabrielle

I have done healing bodywork and energy work for 22 years, and I also teach workshops on a national level. I connected with(DEAR)Ann about seven years ago and have spoken with her on the average of three or four times a year since then. It is impossible for me to convey how much help she and the sessions she has done for me have been to me. Ann is a person who truly walks her talk, and, allows everyone to watch as she grows, including her own challenging times on her path. In her sessions, she has provided the spiritual insight that I have direly needed into my own difficult situations and areas of needed growth. Ann rocks!!!
-- Amy Elizabeth La Salle

When I went to see Ann, my heart was heavy. After working with her, it was light enough to fly.
-- Jackie

Ann is amazing. Her books and seminars have changed my life in so many ways. She has helped me learn the confidence that I need to follow my own heart. She has such a sweet and pure spirit.
-- Katie B.

I have known and worked with Ann Albers for over 7 years. She is strictly AMAZING!! She is 'on the mark with her predictions and especially with her advice. Ann has replaced all my business advisors and coaches. If you are lucky enough to get an appointment with her, thank your lucky stars as it is better than money in the bank.
-- Bonnie Wills, www.BonnietheMatchMaker.com

I really enjoy reading the Message from the Angels every week. I seem to be very in tune - Today I made it a point to reschedule so that I could take time for myself and what did Ann write about- but the exact thing that I was planning on doing!!! I know it is the right thing to do!! Thank you always for sharing.
-- Donna Cisco

Ann has been working with me for over 6 years now and my spiritual and emotional growth has been remarkable. When I first started with Ann (I call her my earth angel). I was experiencing emotional pain from loss and despair. With her caring and nurturing ways, Ann taught me that God is always there to support, guide and care for my needs. I know I would not be here today if it wasn't for Ann's love for what she does.
-- CL

coaching. I also love receiving her newsletter which is very inspiring to me. She is a shining example for me that it is possible to transform one's life.
-- Hugs, Annemarie, The Netherlands

I was so inspired by Ann's CD, Aura Hygiene. It helped settle me into a morning and evening short meditation. The meditation after- effects are energy, intuitiveness, and total awareness of the now in my life.
-- Cindy

In times of extreme pain or loss, Ann has a nurturing hand to be there with you. She does not take away your process of learning, rather comfort you along the way. When Katrina was coming, Ann did not say tell me to stay or go, rather she affirmed that I knew inside what to do and in all cases it would be right. I took this to mean everything would be fine, however, it was not - there was much pain and loss - but it was right in terms of the extreme insight and lessons I learned. It was right for me to stay for the storm, because I chose this place to do the work I have always wanted to do and had been working to perform.
-- Dr. Jeanette

Ann and the Angels every week you bring so much joy and spiritual uplifting that you have touched my soul in many ways.
-- Ramelia

Dear Ann, I live in Australia and therefore cannot attend any classes or workshops, but I enjoy your newsletter just for the Message from the Angels. I live alone and sometimes feel I need advice or guidance, just the contact with spirit, to let me know that I'm not walking this path alone. I'm sorry, but I scroll through your newsletter just to read the Message from the Angels, and every time it lifts me up and I feel supported and loved, and I feel renewed energy to give out that love in any small way I can during my day, a kind word, a smile, a compliment. Thank you so much Ann, and thank you so very much Angels and Guides.
-- Yours, Lee

Your messages from the angels is like having a friend looking out for you. Much appreciated and very welcome. Can't imagine how I managed without them. Thank you.
-- Sandra Street, UK

Ann has been a light in my life for quite some time now. (years). A beacon if you will, guiding me along rocky shorelines into safe harbors. Her angel messages guide me the most. I have taken a class, a one on one session with her and a joint [healing] session with herself and Justin. All equally beneficial. Most recently Ann guided me with my 16yr old daughter whom is in much more pain than I could bear alone, so Ann offered her guidance there as well. I love Ann. She is truly an amazing woman with many gifts.
-- Marsha

Learning how to not only work with my Angels but also trusting has changed my life! Ann's Angels CD's are easy to follow and provide a beautiful way in which to communicate and work with your angels.... I have been very blessed with Ann's presence in my life. When I reflect upon the beginning of my spiritual journey she is my beacon!
-- Julie Helton

I don't even know where to begin! I met Ann "coincidently" about eight years ago. Knowing her has changed my life dramatically! She is a constant steady reminder of God's love. I have had readings with her, attended classes, and learned Reiki. Her readings were so right on. It made me feel good to know what I felt was actually real! Knowing this has changed my life and gave me what I needed to flex my wings. My eyes are open now and so is my heart. Thank you Ann. I am so grateful...your courage to reach out has changed my life. I love you
-- Teresa

There aren't enough kind words in the English language to describe Ann. Her compassion is unparalleled and her dedication to bringing light and love into people's lives is tremendously inspiring. The way I look at myself and my life has changed in a very positive way because of her gifts and guidance. She is truly a blessing.
-- Katie

I can't begin or even come close to tell you about the many ways that Ann has changed my life for the better. Her classes, readings, and books have all inspired me to believe in myself and in the powers of Spirit. Reaching out to God and my Angels is as automatic to me as breathing. Ann is so gentle and authentic, and always comes from LOVE.
-- Donna

Dearest Angel Ann, As you know I am in Australia across the ocean from you and I have to say to all the globe that distance is no barrier to your healing , loving messages and support.Ther have been many times that my spirits were low and had lost my way and behold I open my emails and there you are, giving love and blessings in your beautiful sweet way that lifted my spirits and made my heart soar high to hear the voices of the Angels through you.Each week I look forward to bringing into my life the messages that you gift me from the Angels and also hearing your own stories of lessons that you have learnt along the way.Word's cannot express how you have changed my life.For anyone who wishes to be wrapped in the wings of the Angels just listen to this wonderful woman and the wisdom she so freely shares.One day I will make it across the ocean to attend a workshop in person. Love and Blessings Susie across the ocean.
-- Susie Lily

Ann's messages have been invaluable to me through the years-particularly when my son (born with a heart condition)was about to come into this world. She has brought me both comfort and hope, and I feel lucky to have met her.
-- Mike K.

It is comforting to hear from our 'beloved angelic friends' and know we are loved. The wisdom and compassion are always wanted. I appreciate your work so much. Thanks Ann.
-- David Durand

Ann Albers is always an a few steps ahead of the curve in this journey of life...her practical experience and wise advice are welcome guideposts along the way. Her messages and those of the Angels have helped me avoid many potential diversions...they have guided me joyously through good times and safely through times of crisis. God's abundance of love, wisdom and wit come across through Ann whether in person, in her writing or in her CD's. I consider myself truly blessed that our paths have connected.
-- Barbara Harwell

I have participated in Anne's Classes,Seminars and Personal One-on-One readings over the past 5 years, if not longer. Her sincere desire to be of help and service, coupled with her personal integrity, has proved priceless. No wonder the Angles speak through Ann. She has blessed and enriched my life each and every time.
-- Ramona

The very first time I worked with Ann an opening was created for the work I am destined to do. My abusive father showed up to apologize and beg forgiveness. Together we helped him to the light and I have been doing this work ever since. Ann is a powerful healer/teacher/mentor. She works with grace, compassion and tough love to move me in the right direction. She is a remarkable teacher, just the right amount of lecture, experiential, and deepening through meditation. I AM SO BLESSED TO HAVE THIS WONDERFUL ANGEL IN MY LIFE!
-- BakeR

Ann, You were the first kind, loving and true to your heart person I ever got to meet. Our sessions helped my immensely with my strength, acceptance of self, and understanding Angels more clearly. The cool thing is is the work we did was done with so much ease that I had know idea how much it helped me until a few yrs later, now! Sometimes something will be occurring in my life and a conversation we had then is applying to the situation I'm in now. How cool! Thanks for everything Ann.
-- Michelle Waller

Dear Ann, Your angel message has many times absolutely amazed me because it was talking about something that was occurring in my life that very week. The advice that the angel's shared made me feel much better. Your follow up column about how the angel's advice corresponded to your life was very interesting as well! I always look forward to email from you!

I am honored to be a student and have taken numerous classes, including Reiki. Ann's teachings have changed my life! She has taught me to view the world and myself through lenses of love. Her books and classes have taught me about judgment, surrender, and to embrace my gifts. Always without ego, She gave me permission to love myself and others fully and gave me tools to turn common sense into common practice. She is an angel!
-- Linda

Ann is "the real deal". Her readings have been right on. I have also attended a number of her classes and they have been life changing! A Spiritual Guru!!!
--Terry B., Phx, AZ

Ann is the most talented angel reader,clairvoyant,chairladies individual I have ever experienced. Her information has truly helped me access and be guided by my higher self. She is the most authentic and spirit-driven advisor, healer, medium, angel channel, and author and it's important her work get out to the masses.
--Paula Pruett, M.S., Life Coach

Ann! I'm am so very grateful that you put together the Aura Hygiene workshop. I'm amazed at the difference I feel within my heart, mind and body!! I feel stronger, more in touch. I'm overwhelmed right now and can't find the exact words to convey what I'm feeling - I'm joyful and confident. I learned something extraordinary and I will never un-learn it. Thank you so much, Ann!
--With love and gratitude, Laura

Ann Albers came into our lives nearly three years ago with her wonderful weekly Angel Messages. Since then her books, and her beautiful meditations have uplifted and inspired us here in Stavsnas Angel Centre, Wexford, Ireland. Thank you Ann so much
--Bernadette Murphy

Ann's guidance and counseling have helped me keep my life on track for the past five years. Her sessions,workshops, and CDs have spurred my growth. Ann's vision, insights, and wisdom are remarkable. After reading "Love is a River," I purchased three more copies for gifts. It is so richly woven with poetic insights and common sense, I keep it close at hand.
-- Lee B.

Ann is a true messenger of God and a spokesperson for the angels and ascended masters. While many find the spiritual path as an escape from real life, Ann is facing life head on. Her ability to surrender to spirit despite of her stubbornness, impatience, and the other usual human qualities, is an amazing experience to be part of. Ann is authentic, humble, and extremely gifted. If you have the opportunity to work with Ann, you will get inspired, get with a real sense of unconditional love, and who knows, you might be spoken to by angels too.
-- Steven Ringelstein

I would just like to thank Ann for her wonderful site and newsletters. I remember when I first received her newsletter, I wondered how I got hooked up with someone that offered courses over 1500 miles away, but knew there must be a reason. Over the following months I came to appreciate the universe even more for the gift it had sent me in the form of Ann's communications. It has truly been a gift that has helped me feel normal as well as not so alone in the journey to enlightenment that can be oh, so lonely on a human level. Her messages from the angels have delighted me as well as reinforced what I hear on a daily basis! Thank you for being there and thank you to all the wonderful people who recognized the angel in you and supported your gifts and path. Blessings to all!
--Vicki Baird

Ann is plain and simply one of the most gifted and loving people on Earth. She speaks in profound yet practical ways to help you understand what your Angel guides want you to know. I have been seeing Ann for over 5 years and I consider my time with her to be enlightening and spiritually uplifting. Ann's guidance has helped me tremendously and I recommend her to all of my friends.

I was blessed years ago to be able to have a session with Ann. Words cannot describe how empowering and uplifting Ann's classes, personal sessions, cds and web site have impacted and changed my life. I will be forever grateful for having Ann in my life. I couldn't be on this path without her help. Thank You Ann!
--Tammy E.

I have read both of Ann's books: "Bridging the Gap between Christianity and Mysticism," and Love is the River." They are both written with humor and grace. Her first book is helpful in clarifying that Mystical beliefs do not contradict Christianity in any way. They simply enhance it. Her 2nd book is wonderful for guiding readers on the path of acceptance, release and complete surrender and trust in God's wisdom and care. Keep up the great work, Ann!
-- Vicki W.

As you know Ann, Archangel Michael guided me to you for a session and I could not figure out the "why" since I too communicate with spirit and the angels. But obedient I was, and made the appointment and came in to see you.

Miraculously, Archangel Michael created a huge opening for me, because he really felt it important that I get in to see you. When I arrived, I came in with my gang of angels and dearly departed loved ones. My grandmother was excited to talk with me and began to reiterate what spirit had told me previously about a healing that would take place when my mom got to heaven to meet her. No, the message was not that she was dying, or even ill. She just wanted her to know that she knows that she is in pain over the type of relationship that they had because it was in fact impacting the type of relationship that she and I had. So grandmother asked me to give my mother the message. Ann, it was difficult. The issues between my mother and I had run deep over the years. She had always tried to smother my spiritual gifts and as a result, a lot of pain existed there between us.

Well it took some working on me, on the part of the angels, but I woke up this morning and made a choice to call my mother. Love poured out like it had not in years as I gave her the message from my grandmother, her mother. As I write this now, I cry because of the healing that has taken place that I prayed for and have most graciously received.

Thank you Ann, for your role in facilitating this healing and for your support in helping me help others heal through doing the same work. Isn't it wonderful being a witness to the healing that takes place in the people we serve? I cry tears of joy because of it! It was long over due and you were right, I am a natural. My heart is so open with love that I feel Jesus, Mother Mary and the Angels love for me in a way I never thought possible....24/7!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Ann Albers, from the top of my head, to the depth of my soul, I thank you! In Peace Light and Love,
-- Felicia Tiba, Archangel Communicator... and Much more!

I've discovered Ann Albers to be the most remarkable psychic.

She channels amazing connections, has insights past belief, and sincere credibility. Ann takes you immediately beyond any doubts, straight to the place you need to be. She's able to step completely out of the way of Guidance, allowing that pure force through to you. I've never left a session with her without feeling connected to Truth.
-- Jo Sparkes, author, screenwriter

I stumbled on to Visions of Heaven at the perfect time of my spiritual journey. Shortly there after, I began getting my weekly messages from Ann and the Angels. Soon, I found that often times what ever was being said, fit to what was happening in my life at the time. I wrote to Ann and shared this with her. She responded back with such a warm and loving response I felt instant kinship with her. Funny, we discovered that we lived near one another when we were growing up.

Last year I had a long distance private session with her. I have to say I was given a gift that day that I will always remember and forever treasure. Ann enlightened me with her friendly, fun style which I enjoyed tremendously. Additionally, Ann shared with me my father, who had recently passed. I felt as though I'd been touched by an angel. Ann truly is as much of an"angel " as the angels who's messages she's sends out every week. I feel blessed to have been given such a beautiful gift.

Ann, I have so much to thank you for. Your web site has given me lots to read and think about . But, more importantly it warms my heart when I am in need. I look forward to my weekly angel messages as they always give me good food for thought. Ann, thank you for touching so many lives with your warmth and love. I am very grateful to have been touched by an angel and her name is Ann Albers.
-- Carol M.