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" "When the student is ready
. . . The teacher will appear"

The people on this page were an answer to my prayers. They arrived in my life when I was seeking their wisdom. Each one helped me remember the truth of my soul, and I am deeply grateful for their blessings."

Lynn AndrewsBefore I met any of the teachers who influenced me on a one-to-one basis, the books of Lynn Andrews began falling off the shelves, introducing me to alternate dimensions of reality and the world of shamanism. I still haven't met Lynn, but have had the pleasure of connecting on facebook. She is a woman of wisdom, power, and truth. You can check out her web site here.

I had a dream one night where a wise woman showed up and asked me if I'd "give up life as I knew it." The next day I was invited to a conference for healers, therapists, and health care practitioners. I signed up for the conference, knowing in some strange way it would change my life.

At the conference Jessica Osborn-Turner opened up the world of energy to me. I shook like a leaf after my first Reiki treatment and when she put her hand on my arm and the shaking stopped. I begged to learn from her and thus began a partnership, and a training in mastery that went on for several years. Jessica taught me energetic healing, an understanding of the mystical nature of reality, how to read the signs and symbols in life, and most importantly the ability to take complete and total responsibility for my life and creations. I will honor her wisdom, love, and guidance the rest of my life. Jessica is now a brilliant glass artist living in the northwest.

The next teacher to appear was James Braddock, a quiet soul sitting at a booth across from us at the Alternatives In Healing conference in 1993. When he started to drum, I knew he was the one that would teach me how to 'dream' in a sacred way. He taught me the basic tenets of shamanic journeying, healed me, and then later invited me on a life-changing trip to Peru. I think of him as my spiritual grandfather.

Nancy Shilling came into my life soon after I told God that if he wanted me to work with angels I needed a mentor. I began attending her spiritual circles every week where I was exposed to the world of channeling. Although I had studied some channeling on my own, Nancy helped me deepen my abilities and is responsible for pushing me out in public. I will never forget that discussion. "I signed you up to work a Halloween party with me," she said. I was terrified. "I'm not ready to do readings in public!" "Yes you are and you're good. You'll see. Besides you owe me!" she joked. Nancy then pushed me to interview at a local metaphysical bookstore and the rest is history. I got the job and will owe her gratitude the rest of my life for seeing in me something I had not yet seen in myself. Nancy is a wonderful conscious channel, an avid astrologer, and a dynamic spiritual teacher. Call her at (602) 279-2941 to learn more about her work.

Carol, Dave, and Jeff Shiller taught me about aromatherapy, hypnosis, and the mind body connection. It was in Carol's six month aromatherapy certification course that I discovered a deep love of natural healing. They are all authors of many wonderful books on the subject.

I had read about Brant Secunda and his amazing journey into Huichol shamanism, so when I got a chance to meet him at a conference where I was co-presenting, I was thrilled. This humble soul has a powerful side centered completely in the heart. His retreats are not just educational, they are heart opening, mind-relaxing, and healing. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be present for his teachings and ceremony, and at times to have seen him in dreams. Brant continues his work and heart-opening retreats today. You can learn more at Dance of the Deer Foundation.

After I started channeling angels at the local metaphysical bookstore, those who had passed on started talking to me. It was Cheryl Booth who helped me understand what was going on and let me know I wasn't crazy! She studied in the same psychic circles as James Van Praagh and has her entire family in spirit, so I couldn't have asked for a better mentor. She still does beautiful readings today and can be contacted via her web site here. Cheryl has also written a wonderful book about her relationship with her special needs brother who is now her angel in heaven.

When I needed help grounding my body with all these amazing energies running through it the universe brought me to Zeysan, a Shaolin Grandmaster who got me hooked on tai chi. I've been told he was my brother in twelve past lives and jokingly call him my "evil twin!" We have amazing disagreements but we both know the nature of the universe and God is based on unconditional love. Z helped me lighten up, loosen up, toughen up a little, and wise up. He helped me learn psychic boundaries, and to take better care of myself... not in any sort of way I appreciated, but more often by pushing me until I insisted on self care! That is just his way. He has advised celebrities and homeless alike, broken bread with the Dalai Lama, de-programmed individuals who lost their spirits in cults, helped addicts recover when ready, helped heal rape victims, and helped many see the light when they forget. You can learn more about him at TempleoftheTwinDragons.com.

Summer Bacon Finally when I was ready for an incredibly loving approach to growth, the universe sent me to Summer Bacon who is one of the most amazing trance mediums of our time. She leaves body and allows the spirit of Dr. James Martin Peebles to come in and speak through her. Dr. Peebles had been trying to get my attention for years, but until I met Summer I didn't realize it. I had bought books about him and given them away without reading them twice. I met another man who channeled him, years prior who even told me that anyone could channel him. I went home, had a chat, and forgot about it. However, when I met Summer I knew I was meeting the real deal. Dr. Peebles came booming through her and nailed me before she knew a thing about me. I consider him my mentor even today and still attend Summer's gatherings where he constantly reminds us of our true nature and journey here upon the earth. A reading with her is the reading of a lifetime - any and all questions are fair game. I love Summer, and I love Dr. Peebles! Visit her web site her web site here.

Last but most certainly not least, Jesus, other wonderful beings, and the angels are my constant mentors in spirit. I love them dearly and am eternally grateful for that I can experience their presence. I can't remember how I made it through life without knowing their love in such a personal way.