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Ann Albers - Inspirational Speaker

Ann Albers is a dynamic speaker whose passion for life and living in the flow of grace is contagious. She is down-to-earth, approachable, and extremely entertaining as she shares anecdotes of dealing with both the living and the dead!

Although she lives in a very different reality than most, eight years of corporate work in engineering and leadership, as well as nearly two decades of owning her own business, give her a sound appreciation for the challenges of living "in the trenches" of normal, every day human existence. Talking to angels and people who have passed on has given her an appreciation of what really matters in life.

All of Ann's topics center around the fact that we are inextricably connected with a higher power and linked to one another in the great web of life. Ann says, "None of our thoughts, words, or deeds occur in a vacuum, and if we live and work in ways that satisfy our soul, we can enjoy a new level of success based on the quality of our lives."

"Pain is not necessary for gain. If we learn to live in cooperation with the same power that moves the stars in the heavens - the very power that causes our hearts to beat and our lungs to breathe - we can enjoy a life of success, grace, ease, and great satisfaction. We can gain a deeper understanding into the true nature of abundance, and become good stewards of our resources. If we embrace why we are really here on earth, we can allow our lives to unfold in ways beyond our wildest dreams."

"I did not aspire to be who I am today. I didn't create goals of speaking among the world's most famous spiritual authors. I never studied public speaking. I knew I was going to write books someday, and I knew I liked to teach. The rest of my life unfolded, one moment at a time, as I trusted the movement of God within me, and the guidance of angels. Your life can unfold in miraculous fashion too!"