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Ann Albers - Modern Mystic

Ann lives with a foot in two worlds, and a constant understanding that there is really only one greater reality in which we live, breathe, and find our eternal being.

As a child she felt connected with the world around her in ways that she didn't fully comprehend until life propelled her into spiritual studies in her mid-twenties. When she was a little girl, rocks and trees had a consciousness that would speak to her, and she had vivid conversations with "imaginary" beings that she saw in her mind's eyes. Deeply sensitive, she often felt the feelings of others without understanding what was going on, and at times, she was propelled into visions that seemed as real as waking life, or states of being in which words seemed to flow through her.

Later when Ann consciously began to seek a deeper understanding of God and the nature of the universe she started having mystical experiences in which she lost her sense of being an individual separate from the rest of creation. Ann says, "In these spaces, I still know myself as Ann, but I also know myself as the rocks, the trees, the desert around me, the road beneath me, the car I'm driving, and others on the road beside me. The 'I-AM' is greater than 'I-Ann' and yet in these spaces I know the greater Self is both."

Touching upon these spaces has profoundly changed her life. She now knows that none of our thoughts, words, or deeds operate in a vacuum. She is keenly aware that we are all connected in a reality that transcends space and time - in the eternal constant reality of God's love. God is not the "grandpa in the sky" figure that we were raised to fear, but rather the living, breathing, self-generating energy, love, and wisdom behind creation. God cannot be fully comprehended by the human mind, but rather must be invited into one's life so that our "smaller nature" often called our ego or personality, can operate within the greater reality, rather than feeling separate from it.

As part of this mystical understanding Ann knows that our prayers, when based in love, are powerful. She will gladly pray for anyone who writes in, and although she cannot personally answer or acknowledge every email, she will receive your request. She reminds you that, "My prayers are no more powerful than yours except for the fact that I have absolute faith in God's love for you."

At times Ann is called to put out a request for group prayers, and although this happens infrequently, when it does, she will put out a special notice via her weekly newsletter.