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Ann Albers - Spiritual Instructor

Ann Albers is a playful, powerful, & entertaining spiritual instructor who is on a mission to help her workshop participants leave feeling loved, connected with heaven, and empowered to receive their own guidance in life.

Dynamic, unpredictable, wise, and witty, she does far more than impart spiritual information. Ann connects with the audience, often one-on-one. She acts as a channel for the angelic energy that wants to reach out and embrace every individual present, and she often changes her workshops mid-stream at the direction of her heavenly helpers. At times she has been known to channel whales, dogs, dolphins, people's passed loved ones, the angels, and even the participants themselves! She's down-to-earth, frequently entertaining, and absolutely, insanely passionate about keeping the information real, practical, and applicable to your own life.

In her role as spiritual instructor, Ann sees past your limitations. She's not above being silly, engaging you in play, or getting right down to the heart of an issue so you can cry the tears that have been stuffed for years. She works constantly with her team of angels to deliver the love, healing, and energy that the heavens want to share with you.

In Ann's words...

"When I teach, I am no longer just plain Ann. Instead I feel the love of God and the angels merging with my being. It is as if my thoughts are no longer simply my own. I feel huge instead of tiny, and I feel a powerful force of love running through me. This love directs me at times to work with certain individuals, change the workshop exercises, and even say things that I would otherwise never allow to escape my lips! While I often prepare for weeks before each new seminar, it is my deepest desire to allow God and the angels to work through me so you can feel their love too."

Ann is frequently accompanied by award winning New Age musician, Robin Miller whose heart-opening melodies have raised workshop participants to new heights and left them in tears as they feel the love of the angels reaching through his music. In the words of author and near-death survivor, Dannion Brinkley, "Robin's music is the closest thing to what I heard on the other side."

Fun, inspiring, educational, and definitely an upper, Ann's seminars are heart-opening, mind-expanding, and always an adventure in partnership with the heavens!