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Ann Albers - Creative Spirit

In addition to her "regular" work, Ann's photographs have been enjoyed by thousands worldwide in her weekly newsletter. After years of prompting by her readers, she now offers them for sale on a variety of cards, posters, and products in her Photography & Art Inspirations online store.

"The beauty of creation fills me and inspires me. When I'm deep in the forest, with no sounds except the bubbling of a creek and the call of the ravens, I see miracles everywhere! Photography forces me to seek the beauty in all things great and small, and allows me to marvel a the vast diversity of life. A drab pile of silver and gray leaves turns vivid gold under the light of my flash bulb, and the crown of hairs on a damselfly's head delighted me when I saw the picture enlarged on my computer. I can easily spend an hour amidst the lavender and the bees in my own back yard snapping photos and appreciating their company. Even man-made objects can be so beautiful when we look at them through new eyes, the eyes of an angel, or via a new angle."

"As human beings we have a tendency to look to the larger things or to others for the source of our joy. Through my photographs I hope to share my sense of wonder and awe with you and remind you that beauty is everywhere, just waiting to be seen."

Last but not least, you can talk a walk on the lighter side, and enjoy some of Ann's humorous art such as her popular Laughing Buddha designs!