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Ann Albers - Angel Communicator

Please Note: Ann IS accepting new clients again, however, the wait list can be several months to a year depending on how many people are on it. Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm you are on our list. If you need to see someone sooner, we can offer you a list of Ann's personal favorite referrals here.

If you are a prior client, you can contact us to schedule.

Ann has been doing spiritual readings for nearly two decades. She works with angels and your loved ones who have crossed over to help you heal, uplift your spirit, and give you information with which to make healthy choices. Angels do not believe we are fated to do anything and hence in the readings they don't focus on predictions, but rather helping you to grow so that what you really want to create in your life can come into being.

The angels say that predictions are just an indication of the direction you are currently pointed in. You can change anything in your outer world if you change your inner conditions. The angels work with you to help you create the inner conditions you require to have a happy, healthy life

Ann currently does readings in person or via phone for prior clients only.

To read more about readings, pay for a reading that is already scheduled, or make a donation for any assistance you have received in other ways, you can access our payment page here.

Please do not pay for a reading unless it is already scheduled with Ann. Thank you!