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Ann Albers - Referrals

The people on this page are either those I personally turn to when in need of their services, or people whose work I am personally familiar with. They are indexed by their service on the right hand side of this page.

As with any service you seek, I urge you to contact the person you are interested in and make sure you feel comfortable with them so you can get a good connection. Trust your own instincts as to who is right for you, since not every healer or psychic resonates with every client. There are also many more referrals listed on my links page as well.

Personal Favorites

I know too many wonderful people to go to them all on a regular basis. Here are the earth angels I personally turn to when in need of their services.

Summer Bacon

Summer Bacon

Trance medium for Dr. James Martin Peebles

Summer is a phenomenally gifted trance medium who brings through the love and wisdom of Dr. James Martin Peebles, an evolved soul who began to appear through channels all over the globe after his death at the age of 99.9. The love and wisdom that come through are astounding and accurate. Rather than being based on predictions, these readings assist you with life, healing, you name it. I go to Summer for readings when I want to hear the angels outside of my head.

If you want the reading of your life, this is it. Summer does sessions by phone and sends you an electronic file that day. She also offers a variety of educational CDs, free downloads, classes, and wonderful material on her web site. She is a trusted friend, an incredible mystic, and one of the best trance mediums of our time.

website: www.summerbacon.com

Dr. Shawn Warwick

Chiropractor, Eergy Balancing

I can't say enough good about Dr. Shawn's work. He is an extraorindary chiropractor and healer who has bailed me out on many occasion when I've caused my physical body distress. The first time I walked in I looked at him and said, "You see energy! You're untangling my energy strings!" I've never met a healer who can have you feeling so much better in less than two hours. You lay on the talble and he comes in every twenty minutes or so to work on your energy lines, lets them integrate and makes the next adjustment. If physical adjustments or manipulation are necessary, he does that too. He's the first person I run to when I make a mess out of my body and he has never failed to assist me!

website: www.shawnwarwick.com/ phone: 480-429-9433

Robin Miller

Robin Miller

Acclaimed New Age Musician and Past Life Regression Guide

I met Robin Miller through his wonderful work. Not only is he an acclaimed New Age Musician, but also an earth angel who can guide you deeply into past life regression and release. Because of the purity of his channeling it feels as if the angels themselves are guiding you through the darkness, up and into the light. One session with him removed the weight of lifetimes! In one session, issues that have plagued me an entire lifetime were released. During the session he works with his guides and yours to make these explorations safe, comfortable, and deeply healing to your soul. I cannot say enough good about his work. While you are visiting his site, check out his amazing music that will relax you deeply and lift your spirit to the heavens.

Robin is also the heavenly musician whose melodies grace my seminars. The angels themselves work through his music and I have seen people receive healings, burst into tears, and feel the love pouring through as they listen. If you are a massage therapist, or any sort of healer who uses heavenly music, you will want to add his to your collection.

website: www.robinmillermusic.com

James Walker

James Walker

Licensed Massage Therapist, Meditation, Tai Chi, & Spiritual Instructor

James Walker is one of my soul-brothers. He is a tai chi, meditation, and spiritual instructor who brings wit, wisdom and experience from his travels around the world and studies of diverse spiritual teachings to help share the core essence of spiritual wisdom with his students. He teaches in groups, leads a weekly meditation circle in the Phoenix area, and also does one-on-one instruction for serious spiritual seekers.

James is an exceptional licensed massage therapist and energy healer whose work is both nurturing and deeply healing. I have gone to him for years. He applies lessons learned in years of martial arts and massage training to help you release tension, move stuck emotional patterns in the body, and create balance in your physical energy or "chi."

He began his spiritual journey at age 12. Since then he has traveled from the magical gardens in Findhorn, Scotland, all the way to trekking in the Himalayas in search of spiritual truth. His path has led him to study under a variety of diverse and international spiritual instructors and masters. James says there are as many forms of meditation as they are cultures on the globe, but within each tradition is a core series of techniques that form the foundation of any good meditation. In his classes he teaches you these basic techniques of meditation and conducts a transmission of energy that will help you clear the mind more easily and achieve deeper states of meditation more quickly than you could on your own

Meditation instruction is available in private or group sessions.
Healing chi massage by appointment.

website: www.meditation4peace.com e-mail: James@meditation4peace.com phone: 480-236-0236

Anita Robeson

Anita Robeson

House Clearings

Anita clears homes of unwanted spirits and negative energies. Great if you are trying to sell a home, going through a life transition, or moving into a new place.

e-mail: azredtail@icloud.com

Marla Steele

Marla Steele

Pet Psychic, Reiki & Spiritual Instructor, & Creator of Spiritual Essences

Marla Steels is a nationally known pet communicator whose work has been featured on television, radio, and in numerous gatherings. She can tune in remotely so you do not have to be present for the reading. She works with both living and deceased pets, and can also combine her communication work with healing energy. She has created some of the very best animal healing pendulum charts on the market and offers a CD to help you learn how to communicate with your own animals. My dogs have always adored Marla Steele and give her the four-paws-up signal! In fact when my husky wolf, Bruno, was alive he had a special howl just for her!

Marla is also a very talented Reiki Master who teaches classes both in CA and AZ, and a spiritual instructor who can train you in a variety of skills, especially how to connect with your own animals.

Last but not least we call her "Magic Marla" because she creates a variety of sprays and essences imbued with both physical and spiritual energy for every need. If you meet Marla, you'll love her!

website: www.marlasteele.com e-mail: italktopets@yahoo.com

Cheryl Booth

Cheryl Booth

Psychic Medium, Hypnotherapist, Author, & Spiritual Instructor

Cheryl Booth has been a talented medium for years, and was one of my mentors. She studied in the same psychic circles with the same teacher as James Van Praagh, and her entire family is in spirit assisting her. She has a remarkable gift for getting in touch with your loved ones who have passed on, has done work with missing persons and can assist you in all areas of life.

Cheryl is also sensitive and nurturing hypnotherapist and massage therapist whose angels start working on you even before she begins. She performs either conventional hypnotherapy, or past life regressions, or healing on people of all ages, including special needs children. Cheryl lives in the Toluca Lake area of L.A., CA. Phone sessions are as effective as in-person ones. Her tollfree voicemail is below.

website: www.cherylbooth.com phone: 877-271-8218

Liz Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

Intuitive, Healer, Animal Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy, Aura Photos

Rev.Elizabeth Johnson is a woman of many talents! She is an ordained minister of 16 years. Loves to perform weddings, offers heartfelt Life Celebration ceremonies and does House Blessings and Clearings. She is co-owner of Spirit In Motion Expo, organizing spiritual events and life changing weekend retreats. For more information on these events visit www.spiritinmotionexpo.com. Liz also offers Animal Communication and will help you connect to your furry friends living or deceased. Additionally, she is a gifted healer and spiritual intuitive, providing guidance thru readings and Aura Photography. “My ministries intention is to help others find their light and magnificence. How would your life change if you knew how truly powerful you are?” To learn more, visit her websites below:

website: www.licensedministerprescott.com website: www.auraliz.com

Eve Alton

Eve Alton

Conscious Channel, Intuitive, Medium, & Spiritual Instructor

Eve Alton who isnow offering the world her psychic gifts, after retiring from years of work in hospice! She is a natural channel, medium, and intuitive. After her years in hospice, her compassionate work in dealing with the dying and her families led her to create classes using clay art as a medium to help them through their grief in a more lighthearted and kind way.

e-mail: dreamwalk12@cox.net

Others' whose work I have experienced or admire

These people are amazing at what they do. I have either experienced their work or know them well enough to be able to personally recommend their work.

Sunny Dawn Johnston

Sunny Dawn Johnston

Clairvoyant Empath, Angel Reader, Medium, Spiritual Instructor

Sunny Dawn Johnston believes that everyone can learn to listen to their intuition. She has been guided by spirit to teach people to become aware of their natural gifts.

Sunny is A Certified Medium by Dr. Doreen Virtue, an Ordained Minister, a Certified Spiritual Counselor and a Karuna Reiki Master/ Teacher.

Sunny's Services include Angel Card Readings (phone, E-mail & In-Person), Reiki Treatments, Spiritual Counseling, Weddings and Funerals.

website: www.sunnydawnjohnston.com

Susanne Wilson

Susanne Wilson

Spiritual Medium, Psychic Consultant & Teacher

Susanne is an incredibly gifted medium whose near death experience changed her life. She can easily put you in touch with your loved ones and teachers others to do the same.

website: mediumsusannewilson.com

Laura Alden-Kamm

Laura Alden-Kamm

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, Author

Laura Alden Kamm is an internationally respected spiritual teacher, intuitive, and author. She is an expert in the experience and process of mystical experiences, the awakening and evolution of the soul, and the development of intuition. Her work has spread through word of mouth, influencing and supporting tens of thousands from over 130 countries.

Laura has been a guest on ABC and Fox News and featured in national and international magazines including Martha Stewart’s Body + Soul, Visjion and Medium (Norway). She is the author of Intuitive Wellness, Unlocking Your Intuitive Power, and Color Intuition. Her second book is due out in 2016.

Laura is a global resource, providing public and corporate trainings worldwide, including Dr. Oz’s Integrative Medical Team at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. Her remote healing skills were vetted in a long-distance healing study for advanced HIV/AIDS patients, sponsored by the California Pacific Medical Center. The study was funded by the NIH, National Institute for Health.

website: http://www.LauraKamm.com/ phone: 808-269-5440 Office hours: M-F 9am-5pm Pacific Time, USA

Barbara Becker

Barbara Becker

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner, Angel communicator, Energy Worker, Trance channel, Author

An extraordinary energy worker, and retired critical care registered nurse, who can see into other dimensions, Barbara facilitates Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) sessions for her clients. QHHT is the past-life regression healing modality created and perfected by the late Dolores Cannon. These sessions are transformative, as the client discovers their life purpose and missions, and questions are answered, while healing themselves through their Higher Self.

As a star being, Barbara channels the mathematical star language she speaks during her monthly Star Energy Healing Tele-Conferences. Miracles of healing have occurred during these transmissions. You can read about them in her autobiography, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography, available in paperback, kindle and audiobook formats. Participants of the tele-conferences have the opportunity to ask questions of the collective of beings she trance channels, from the Great Central Sun. Archangels and Ascended Masters have been known to appear and give messages.

As an angel communicator, Barbara offers Angel Tarot Card readings where she receives messages from angels and guides and passes them onto the client. Her readings are always inspirational and informative, even for her clients who are going through challenging lessons in life.

website: http://BarbaraBeckerhealing.com e-mail: barbarabeckerhealing@gmail.com

Nancy Hartline

Nancy Hartline

Numerology, Angel Therapy (R), Divine Messages

??Intuitive guide Nancy Hartline offers you confidence, clarity and empowerment for successful life transitions through numerology, Angel Therapy (R) and Divine messages. Visit Ncncy's website below to access her products and services and join her subscriber community.

website: www.nancyhartline.com email: info@nancyhartline.com

Jeanette Arnon


Jeannette is an extraordinary reflexologist and energy worker. When I first talked to her on the phone, before I knew her profession, my feet began to tingle as they do when the angels work on them! A session with Jeanette, leaves you feeling aligned, energized in a very balanced way, and certainly deeply relaxed! She is an angel on earth!

Jeannette graduated from SWIHA--Southwest Institute of Healing Arts--in 2001 and has been practicing reflexology since. She believes in the body's wisdom and ability to maintain balance with proper nutrition, exercise and waste elimination. When the body's organs and systems are functioning well, you feel well.

Reflexology is a therapeutic modality based on the principle that the feet and hands have reflex points or areas that relate to every part of the body. By applying various pressure and relaxation techniques to these reflexes, the corresponding organs and systems are affected and the body responds accordingly. Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and promotes deep relaxation which aids the body's own healing process.Sessions are one hour in length and finish with a thorough foot massage. Be healthy, be happy!

e-mail: bodyreflex@yahoo.com

Dr. Dawn Thames

Chiropractor for Adults, Children, Pregnant Mothers, & Midwife

Dr. Dawn is a licensed chiropractor whose intuitive understanding of the body allows her to work miracles. Clients and friends have raved about her work. She also specializes in working with pregnant women, children, and has helped heal a variety of childhood problems by correcting spinal alignment. She has a deep understanding of the chiropractic care necessary for autistic children as well, and she is a wonderful midwife!

website: www.sacredtouchchiropractic.com/ phone: 480-315-8444

Awa Skin Care

100% Pure African Shea Butter & Black Soap

Awa is a dear sweet angel who started her own skin care company featuring two pure fair trade products - Pure African Shea Butter and African Black Soap. I use both on a daily basis. Shea butter is well known for its deep healing and moisturizing properties and black soap is great for a variety of skin conditions. Each batch lasts a long time. I have been a fan of shea butter for years and thank Awa for bringing such great products.

website: www.awaskincare.com email:awa@awaskincare.com phone: 305-393-8405

Kimberly Kingsley

Kimberly Kingsley

Counselor & Energy Coach

Happy people know that personal growth is a part of life. Kimberly strives to help people transform difficult situations and grow in the fastest way possible. As a counselor, she understands the human psyche, and as an energy coach, she understand the nature of life.

website: /www.kimberlykingsley.com/



Channel for spirit

After working with an Ayahuascero Shaman and a Maestro Huachumero Curandero in Peru, BakeR began having experiences with Mamacita, a beautiful and evolved spirit who helps bring through the wisdom and love of your spirit guides as well. BakeR lives and breathes spiritual truth herself and has used it in very practical and grounded ways in her own life. She is also a Spiritual Life Coach, teaches Transformative workshops and leads meditative hikes. I highly respect her work

website: www.ThePsychicCoach.net emai: baker@thepsychiccoach.net

Mother Pearl

Mother Pearl

The Relationship Oracle

Mother Pearl is a warm loving earth angel who offers communication services to couples that are married or in long term relationships... spiritual alignment workshops for couples in love; private counseling sessions for conflict resolution; ministerial vow exchange and vow renewal ceremonies; 'couple's retreats in nature' - a safe haven for deep, sustaining healing that only truth and honesty can provide; releasing judgments and misunderstandings that lead to separation or divorce; and restoring the gift of giving and receiving love, spiritual and human.

When differences cannot be resolved she teaches people 'How to Separate or Divorce in Integrity', honoring your spiritual and human diversity. She also provides communication services and conflict resolution for family and business relationships... and coming soon - trips to South Africa/Zebra Unity Tours.

e-mail: love.motherpearl@gmail.com phone: (928) 254-1588

Dr. Dina Evan

Dr. Dina Evan

Spiritual Psychologist, Intuitive Coach

Dina Bachelor Evan, Ph.D., is a noted therapist and 20-year activist on behalf of human rights. She has authored three books on conscious relationships and has a 90% success rate with individuals and couples. Dina believes we each have the right to choose Trust over Fear, Love over Apathy, Intimacy over Distance, and Healing over Pain.

website: http://www.drdinaevan.com phone: 602-571-8228

Shannon Lee Simpson

Shannon Simpson

Counsellor who specializes in Gifted, Sensitive, and Intuitive Children

Shannon says - While working my way through the world of mental health as a Child & Family Therapist with a Masters degree in Social Work, I began to run across a number of children experiencing celestial visions, psychic abilities, and fears of the metaphysical world. This led me to begin Intuitive Kids in hopes to help children and their families understand and embrace the special gifts children have and learn to work with them to their advantage in their daily lives. Her work has been featured on ABC's 20/20 and in the documentary "Hope for Humanity.

website: www.intuitivekids.com e-mail: shannon@intuitivekids.com

Patricia Federico

Patricia Federico

Mystic, Ancient Healing Arts Practitioner, Intuitive Consultant, Spiritual Retreat Facilitator

Patricia Federico is one of the Southwest's most trusted intuitive experts, stress-management consultants and alternative healers. She is also the creator of Madre Tierra Stress-Relief Mist and Nurtura Body Soother, signature formulas which address anxiety and pain through their scent and nutritive properties.

A trusted intuitive advisor to leaders, achievers and people from all walks of life, Patricia focuses on spiritual comfort and insight, emotional healing, anxiety reduction, and pain management. Her gifts and expertise (garnered over 15 years as a professional healer/empath) make her sessions with people experiencing loss, major life transitions and/or chronic suffering from illness or injury especially effective.

website: www.mymadretierra.com phone: 602 264-8420

Cherie Landgraf


Analyze Your Energy & Be Well! Cherie Landgraf works with both her intuition and a machine that analyzes the frequencies of your body, mind, and spirit, and shows you patterns in your energy that are there already, or emerging, and how to correct them. You can detect possible health issues before they become physical, find the root cause of emotional/physical issues, etc. She also offers years of metaphysical wisdom that she has practiced to help you understand how to deal with the issues that are revealed.

Cherie is also able to work with every form of animal and reports that the energy works quickly on them. She has had great success with clearing homes, offices, etc. of negative energies, and also great success using her mediation programming to help you with everything from up and coming meetings, tests, family interaction and self to self dialogue.

email: clandgraf@q.com phone: H: 480-497-2562 C: 480-580-0227

Steve Godfrey

Steve Godfrey

Psychic Medium in the style of John Edward

Steve Godfrey was a student of mine who attended a psychic development workshop and literally "stole the show" much to his own amazement. He is a naturally gifted psychic medium who is amazingly accurate and actually hears his guides and those who have crossed over. He does wise and compassionate readings. He is now host of the popular radio show "The Other Side" in which he takes calls to talk with your deceased loved ones.

website: www.believewithstevegodfrey.com phone: 602-258-4389

Felicia Tiba

Felicia Tiba

Communicates with Angels, God, & Christ

Felicia is an Archangel communicator/medium/medical intuitive located in Arizona who offers in person and telephone sessions. God reveals to her the spiritual gifts that you hold and she shares that information with you. God and the Angels know what is in your heart and Felicia trusts that if they send you too her, they have a special message for your heart that will help you heal and grow.

She is also blessed with the gift of medical intuition and as a medium can communicate messages from your loved ones.

email: theghetoangel@gmail.com phone: 480-748-3561

Joanne Stein

Joanne Stein

Angelic Life Coach

Joanne is a Joyologist, Potentializer and Success Coach with over 20 years experience helping others to experience more joy, prosperity and success. She provides empowering coaching to help people, just like you, discover what they want more of in their lives and then she share proven tools and techniques in addition to providing encouragement so you can live more JOY-fully! As an added bonus, Joanne is highly intuitive so you can get results more quickly.

Working with Joanne is like being coached by an angel. She walks the talk. She is a powerhouse who packs spiritual truth and common sense into one and helps you create movement in your life. She provides customized coaching and works with you one-on-one via the phone or Skype. Ready to turn your dreams into reality? Check in with your inner knowing and, if it feels right, schedule a session with her today.

website: www.bestcoach4u.com email: Joanne Stein

Caitlin McDonald

Animal Communicator, Intuitive Reader

I met Caitlin, a naturally gifted young woman, when she was a young teen. At that time the angels told her she could communicate with animals. Another intuitive confirmed her abilities and the rest is history. Caitlin was born into a family that had many animals. Horses, dogs and cats became her siblings. She formed a special bond and love for them at a very young age. She loves animals and being their voice is her way of helping the world.

website: soulsecretsunwrapped.weebly.com

Debbie Johnstone

Animal Communication Specialist

Phoenix based Animal Communicator, Debbie Johnstone uses her natural empathic abilities, compassion, a sense of humor and a down to earth communication style to bring animals and their people closer together. She communicates telepathically with all species of animals, both living and in spirit. She works with animals on an intuitive level by tuning into their energy. Animals do not have to be present for a successful or meaningful consultation. Debbie can help to resolve issues between animals and people–from litter box problems, helping abused animals heal from trauma, to assisting in times of loss and grief.

website: www.listen2animals.com email: debbie@listen2animals.com

Sandy Skoney

Intuitive Tarot Reader

Sandy is a dear woman whom I've mentored on and off over the years. She has also studied with Sunny Dawn Johnston and is a naturally gifted Tarot & Angel Card reader. She is now offering a special for my list members. Get a reading, bring a friend and your friend gets one free! Sandy does Individuals, Parties, Phone Readings & Other Groups.

website: skoneysandy.wix.com/skoneysandy email: skong2811@yahoo.co phone: 623-974-5685

David Baker

David Baker

Psychic Medium

David Baker is a naturally gifted medium who makes contact with spirit guides, angels, and loved ones who have crossed over to the spirit world. He passes messages of love, forgiveness and healing through his extraordinary gift. He has had the gift of seeing and sensing spirit since childhood. If you want to learn more about this naturally gifted medium, you will enjoy his autobiography "The Spirit Garden" as well. Sessions available by phone.

website: http://www.mediumdavidb.com email: MediumDavidMBaker@gmail.com phone: 415-456-7741

Jamie Clark

Jamie Clark

Psychic Medium in the style of John Edward

Jamie Clark is a Psychic Medium who uses Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Channel. Known as Phoenix's own gifted Crossing Over Medium. Extremely accurate. Clients compare to John Edward. Attend one of Jamie's popular Reunions seminars. One-on-one, groups, seminars or telephone readings. Gift certificates available.

website: www.jamieclark.net e-mail: Jamie Clark phone: 623-322-4800

Phillip Comi


Clients of mine have highly recommended Phillip Comi. He's been an astrologer for decades and has helped people I know understand their cycles of life. He uses astrology to make a science out of divine timing and is very intuitive as well.

email:PJCSTARS@aol.com phone: 760-814-2225

Kathy Leasure

Angel communicator, Medium, Naturally Gifted Psychic

Kathy is a naturally gifted psychic with a beautifully compassionate heart. She is honest, forthright, and gets detailed information.The minute she tunes in, the information starts flowing. When she first came to me her angels just wouldn't stop asking her to do readings. She offers then with a deeply copassionate heart, and does healing sessions as well.

website: /www.mysticalkat.com

Linda Amato

Traditional Reiki Master

Linda is one of my Reiki students and another extraordinary and compassionate Reiki instructor. She lives in Phoenix, AZ where she practices and teaches Reiki classes.

email:cobralin@cox.net phone: 602-373-6348

Mel Sellick

Mel Sellick

Lifestyle Intuitive, Tarot Reader, Guide

Mel is a lifestyle intuitive that can help you make decisions, discover new paths, and release hidden patterns that keep you from getting what you want. She offers tarot card readings along with intuitive guidance. Mel has been tapping into her intuitive ability since early childhood. Throughout her many years as an international reporter, producer, and conscious media consultant, she has utilized her special gift to help others live their best life yet. Mel is also a certified Hatha yoga instructor and a devout meditator and offers clear guidance for cultivating your own intuition.

email: lifestyleintuitive@gmail.com phone: 602.999.2493

Cathy Stuart

Cathy Stuart

Certified Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master/Teacher

Cathy is a coach, counselor and angel communicator. She has worked with hundreds of clients over the last 20 years to help them discover their full potential and infinite possibilities. In Cathy's coaching sessions and angel readings you will be lifted up and inspired to allow yourself to become who you really are in this lifetime. You will let go of limiting beliefs and thought patterns that have been holding you back and keeping you from moving forward fearlessly. Whether it is one session or several you will notice significant changes in your life, which will allow you to deliberately create your life by being on purpose, not by accident.

Cathy is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, who has trained with Dr. Doreen Virtue since 1998;and Reiki Master Teacher, 1998. She has appeared on Channel 10 with Elsa Ramone and The Pat McMahon and Talk Radio with Mark Lewis of Journeys with Mark Lewis, as well as a guest speaker at Arizona Women's Business Association. She is also an ordained minister with the Madonna Ministries and is available for Weddings. She is available for readings in person or by tele phone & also facilitates a three level workshop, as well as her most recently developed workshop "Angel Flight 444".

website: www.universalwisdom.com/ phone: 623-363-2746

Absolute Live Productions

Live Streaming Turns your Live Event into a TV Show on the Internet

Absolute Live offers live streaming production services, in-studio live productions, post production and sound services, and even remote control helicopter camera to give your productions a rare view of the event! Equipment rentals also available. Ann's note - These guys are real pros and a pleasure to work with!

website: absoluteliveproductions.com phone: (818) 842 2828