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Ann has been doing spiritual readings for nearly two decades years. She works with the angels and your loved ones who have crossed over to help you heal, uplift your spirit, and give you information with which to make healthy choices. Angels do not believe we are fated to do anything and hence in the readings they don't focus on predictions.

According to the angels, predictions are just an indication of the direction you are currently pointed in. They can, and often will, tell you where you are headed, but the more valuable insight they provide is how you can change your outer world by changing your inner conditions. The angels have worked through Ann to help thousands of individuals over the years find peace, heal their hearts, create their dreams, and tap into their unique gifts.

Unless you'd prefer not to, your reading will be recorded and we'll send you either a CD or an MP3 within a few business days. If you have an iphone or other recording device that you would like to use, please feel free to bring it with you.


To prepare for your reading, set your intention and ask God and your angels and loved ones to help and assist you. They are always present, but they come in more strongly when the person receiving the reading is sincere in their desire to receive help.

You can also make up a list of questions in case the angels don't cover them automatically at the beginning of the reading - this way you won't feel as if you have forgotten anything. It is not necessary to bring anything else other than an open mind and a willing heart.


Payment for in-person sessions is due at or prior to the session. Payment for phone sessions must arrive prior to the session or we will have to reschedule. We appreciate your understanding.

You can either use paypal or a credit card by clicking on one of the links to the right, or you can contact us to request an address to send payment.

Note: Please do not pay for a reading unless you already have one scheduled.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your session simply let Ann know within 24 hours after your reading and a refund check will be mailed to you promptly.


If Ann has assisted you in some other way and you'd like to make a donation, you can use the button below.