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Our Philosophy

On earth as it is in heaven...

This is my dream - that we can create a heavenly existence here on earth.

I dream of a world where:

  • We are loving & kind to one another and all of life.
  • We respectfully acknowledge one another's perspectives while still maintaining our own sacred points of view.
  • We appreciate our differences, live without attempting to change one another, and find harmony without compromising who God designed us to be.

I believe that there are many paths to one God that can all be summarized quite simply: learn to love God, self, and others.

I believe earth is a school where angels lovingly guide us and God loves us beyond our capacity to comprehend.

Join me on a spiritual journey where I strive to share the wisdom from the angels along with my own personal experiences to help guide you on your own path.

God bless you,

I am grateful for your presence in my life,
Ann Albers