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I have been blessed to travel to some of the most beautiful places. Each of the destinations, in their own way, has enlarged my view of the world and helped me connect with Spirit more deeply. If you'd like, I'd be pleased to be your guide. Relax, grab a cup of tea, and come share my adventures. Just click on one of the pictures to journey to beautiful lands...

Sedona Sedona, Arizona

I love Sedona so much I'm surprised I haven't moved there! I frequently take the two-hour drive from Phoenix to find some magical, mystical hike, or perhaps a set of peaceful ruins on a remote cliff where I can enjoy the spectacular views and a picnic lunch or a nap.

I'll tell you all about my favorite hikes and how to find them, give you a few insider tips on eating and entertainment, and let you know about the energies I've experienced in this land of the heart. Visit Sedona.


Kauai Kauai is the Hawaii you always dreamt of visiting. Lush tropical vines hang from trees on the North Shore, while in the south, Poipu beach is almost always sunny. Grab a rainbow, or bask in the fading rays of a sunset that looks like it was stolen from a postcard. Hike with me a bit along the Na Pali trail and visit my favorite waterfall. This island hums with life! Visit Kauai.

Peru & Bolivia

Peru Oh Peru! If you've ever been there, you know the mystical experience is difficult to put into words. The land is vibrant, the sacred sites are ancient, and the stones will tell you stories if you open your heart. In 1997 a trip to this magical land changed my view on reality, taught me to surrender, and connected my heart back with the Divine. I'd love to share the two-week trip with you in a very personal way. Visit Peru.

The Canadian Rockies

Rockies Come visit the Canadian Rockies where I learned to love hiking in pristine beauty. Fly in a helicopter, walk past a gorgeous mountain lake, and picnic high on the top of an undisturbed mountain. Learn where you too can book the same heli-hiking tour that I took with my family so very many years ago! Visit the Canadian Rockies.