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Ann Albers - Ann's Hobbies & Interests

Clients often ask me if I watch television shows about mediumship and paranormal phenomena in my spare time. Occasionally I do, but more often I watch cooking or home improvement shows instead, and I'm just as happy outdoors, or involved in a creative project as I am talking with angels.

So where do I begin to describe my interests? Life is a rich tapestry of opportunities and I can't seem to settle in on any one hobby. Instead I seem determined to sample the gamut of experiences. Here are a few of my many loves, in no particular order....

READING was one of my first loves. When I discovered the vast world of stories and information available in books, I couldn't put them down. I got in trouble in fourth grade math class for reading books under my desk table. Well, what can I say? Mysteries were more interesting than the multiplication tables I had already memorized! Books open us to new worlds, new ideas, new boundaries. With books we have a world without barriers. I read fiction to understand points of view, non-fiction to learn more about the world, and how to books to teach myself new skills. Visit the Heavenly Bookshop for reviews of many of the books I've read and loved.

CRAFTS came next. From my earliest attempts at macaroni shell necklaces to entire villages complete with people made from old spools of thread, I've been crafting ever since. I taught myself how to sew when I got my first job so I could afford classy suits, nice duvet covers, and unique window coverings. Quilting was a natural follow up. I made one queen-size quilt, a few small ones, and am working on a king size "Bear Paw" quilt that may take the rest of my life. Cross-stitch happens occasionally as well, a few inches at a time, and I almost always have some knitting going on. Greeting cards are fun to make, as are collages. And God knows what else I've dragged home from a yard sale and given a makeover with paint and some glue.

I also learned some basic CARPENTRY which goes to show anyone can learn anything. I wanted built-in shelves and couldn't afford them unless I did them myself so I invoked the spirit of my my grandfather (who was a carpenter) along with one of my other favorite carpenters in heaven (!) and built shelves. This inspired me so much, I converted an old thrift-store dresser into a kitchen island. Who knows what is next?

GARDENING has always been fun too. I love putting the seeds or little plants in the soil and watching them grow, but then again my life is dedicated to growth so that is no surprise. Nothing better than herbs off the plant and into my dinner and fresh roses on the table. They don't take much work thanks to the little fairies that seem to help. When I got my fairies an angel statue one year and sprinkled glitter in the grass, wild primrose seed blew in on the wind and now every year I have a profusion of pink in my planter boxes. I love the magic of nature!

HIKING is where I lose myself in the beauty of Creation. I have a lifetime love affair with the nature. I drive up north a few hours and when the spirit moves me go on anything from leisurely walks to all out bush-wacking strenuous hikes. I've slid on mountainsides, scaled a few scary cliffs, and been to all sorts of beautiful places with my trusty hiking boots and backpacks. The Inca trail in Peru, was quite memorable, but in reality all my hikes are glorious. Nature sings to me when I walk in amidst her majesty.

PHOTOGRAPHY is something I've been fascinated with since my teens. I had my own tiny black and white darkroom and thoroughly enjoyed the magic of watching a photo come to life. Now with digital photography, and its hugely forgiving nature, I love capturing all things beautiful great and small. Walking in the woods with my camera gives me new appreciation for the many miracles that abound. Sometimes I think the angels are looking through my eyes, helping me appreciate and capture the miracle of life. You can check out my photos here.

AROMATEHRAPY & MAKING BEAUTY PRODUCTS is something I dabble in as well. As always my hobbies start out a desire to have something I can't always justify spending too much money on. So I figure it out and make it... everything from my own natural remedies to body butters, lip balms, and sugar scrubs. I feel good inside out when I'm in this phase of fun!

Last but not least, COOKING is in my genetic makeup. I love dabbling in all sorts of smells and textures and have had my share of natural kitchen disasters as well as a few masterpieces :)! I like eating the results! Check out my homemade recipes here.

WHAT's NEXT? I'm determined to do more art as well! Too many wonderful visions to keep inside my own head and not share. I'll keep you posted... Hope this inspires you to pursue a few fun interests of your own.

flower photography

flower photography