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"And when the gates between heaven and earth opened up, my soul flew through you into the arms of a waiting world."

Mom & Dad . . .you shaped my world. You guided me, challenged me, and educated me. You gave me permission to dream and to become all who I would be. When my life fell apart and came back together in the most miraculous way you decided it was more loving to support me than judge. . . and for that I am eternally grateful.

My dad, Dave, is a brilliant physicist and researcher. He grew up in West Chicago, IL in a house my grandpa built from the ground up. We love the family stories of his pet crow, his wonderful idea of drying gunpowder in the oven, and various other Tom Sawyer-like adventures that transpired when he was young! The journey took him to the University of Notre Dame, then to Antartica on ROTC duty, and at long last to his career as a Condensed Matter Physicist, a professor at George Washington University, and a former Navy Reserve Officer. He still travels the world lecturing and learning about a variety of topics including nano-technology and cold fusion.

My Mom, Carol, grew up in Harvey, IL. Although she was an only child her mom had nine brothers and sisters and they spent a lot of time on her grandma's farm, where family legend has it, moonshiners held my great-grandparents at gunpoint and made them rent a portion of their land to install a whiskey still! That didn't last long. Karma happened fast, the still blew up and the chickens got drunk according to the family stories! The great big Polish family enjoyed good food and good friends at every occasion. Mom graduated from St. Mary's College and has done a variety of work in the medical fields, accounting, and business administration, not to mention the monumental task of raising my brother and I. She now enjoys her volunteer work in the White House and at Reagan National Airport.

My brother, Paul, his wonderful wife Sharon, and my adorable niece still live in Virginia as well.

And I absolutely love these photos of my grandparents. Even though they're in heaven we still keep in touch! From left to right, Mary & Joseph, followed by Edgar & Loretta.

grandma and grandpa      grandma and grandpa