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Dancing with Angels

An All Day Playshop with Ann & the Angels
in Beautiful Sedona, AZ

April 19, 2013
10:00am - 4:00 pm
Sedona Creative Life Center
Sedona, AZ

Come join Ann, the angels, and heavenly musician Robin Miller in beautiful Sedona, Arizona where you'll learn to tune into your own angels, guides, and all of life!

You came equipped to hold hands with heaven and learn from the entire universe. In this fun and upbeat playshop, often described as a "spa day for the soul," you will learn to channel angels, live with angels, and be the angels on earth that you truly are! Beyond communicating with the angels, you will learn to truly partner with them as they guide you through life! Everyone can do this! No special skills required.

You'll also learn to give each other angelic energy attunements & healings so you can help yourself and others open up to feel the love of God more strongly in your hearts and your lives. You'll even help each other open up your psychic centers so you can tune in more easily.

Fun Fact: The name of this seminar was inspired by my favorite song, "Dancing with Angels" by Robin Miller who will be playing at the workshop! Between his music from heaven and the angels that come through me it is a double dose of heavenly love! Come play with us... Your angels are waiting!

Check out what students in previous classes had to say...

I just wanted to say thank you so much for an amazing class . You are an exceptional speaker. It was incredible, the energy in the room and the information that was shared by you and everyone else. I feel that I left there with so much love and insight.
Just wanted to let you know how much I loved the workshop! You are an amazing speaker and held us in your "spell" throughout the day. The energy in the room was amazing!
Absolutely incredible day on Saturday, so relevant, so inspiring, so moving, so REAL. Loved the connections that I made with the other participants, whether personal or in the group setting.

Enjoy Previous Classes on CD

Dancing with Angels

(4 CD-Set or MP3 Download)

Join Ann Albers and her Heavenly Helpers as they guide you through a series of fun and playful exercises that will help you open up to channel your own guides, angels, relatives, and indeed all of life! You’ll play with whales, fairies, and inanimate objects. You’ll be guided to merge with your angels to feel their love, receive their guidance, and channel healing energy for others. Anyone can do this!

Ann also shares her wisdom from years of working with angels so you can understand how they think and perceive life, how they work with you, and how they will guide you. If you understand the differences between human thought and angel wisdom, then you can partner with your angels to live an extraordinary life.

This is a recording of the actual class offered in Sedona, AZ - May 2011

Magical Self Love

(4 CD-Set or MP3 Download)

Join Ann Albers and her Heavenly Helpers as they guide you through a series of discussions, exercises, & meditations that will help you learn to love the bright and beautiful soul that you always are... regardless of circumstance, thoughts, feelings, or appearance.

Journey before birth, and after death to embrace your true nature. Learn to deal with rejection, dance with difficult people, and change your own critical thinking! In this playshop you’ll remember who you truly are and receive tools to get you back in that loving space when you forget.Even if you weren’t able to attend in person you will receive the energy and the love from the live playshop as you listen to this CD set. Come learn how self love is anything but selfish, and is the key to living the magical, inspired life that God intended you to live!

This is a recording of the actual class offered in Sedona, AZ - May 2013

Manifesting in the Flow of Divine Grace

(4 CD-Set or MP3 Download)

Go beyond secrets, beyond struggles, beyond obsessing on what you think you need to be happy, and learn to manifest the life God wants for you! In this seminar you’ll learn the basics of manifestation and then how to use these tools to create the desires that arise naturally within your heart. This is a recording of the actual class offered in Sedona, AZ - April 2007


(4 CD-Set or MP3 Download)

Be-lightful is the live recording of a playshop offered in sunny Phoenix AZ. Discover who God really is, who you really are, and ditch the guilt and shame that keep you from being your beautiful bright self!

Aura Hygiene - How to Keep Your Spiritual Energy Strong and Positive

(2 CD-Set or MP3 Download)

Have you ever felt drained after listening to someone complain or felt the moods and emotions of others? Have you ever doubted yourself when confronted with judgments and strong opinions? Do you have a tendency to feel the world's pain? If so, this class can help you maintain your spiritual energy, recognize the situations that drain you, & adopt perspectives that will prevent you from ever having to feel drained or off-center around another person again.

Ann Albers, shares wisdom, tips, & techniques that will help you to “be in the world but not of it” – to be sensitive to life without feeling overwhelmed, and to be energized even when those around would rather drag you down.

In Search of the Holy Male (or Female) - Why we get in the wrong relationships and how to create inner conditions to attract the best!

(CD or MP3 Download)

If you're single and searching, this CD is for you! Stop searching for your male/female holy grail and get centered in yourself so you can attract the right one! This is a heartfelt discussion on why we get in relationships for the wrong reasons, how we can satisfy the needs of each chakra ourselves, and at long last attract wonderful relationships! Give up the search and finally find what you've been looking for all along!

In this informative and inspiring CD, Ann shares humorous stories and examples to bring these concepts down to earth.