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Visions of Heaven is the official web site of author, angel communicator, and spiritual instructor, Ann Albers. On these pages, Ann shares every aspect of her life - both human and divine - to help you enjoy a more inspired and love-filled existence.

In Ann's Words...

blossom I created this site years ago as a way to let people know about my classes and to share the love and wisdom of the angels that I work with on a daily basis. Since that time, it has evolved beyond my wildest dreams.

Our newsletter, "Messages from Ann & the Angels" reaches people in 30 different countries. I believe that in the deepest reaches of our hearts, we are more alike than different. Each of us, at some level, is striving to find our place, our contribution, and our joy. I happen to have found mine working with angels.

Here you'll find messages from the angels as well as a journal describing how I've put their wisdom to use in my daily life. There are articles, books, CDs, inspirational slide shows, prayers, tools for spiritual education, and some very playful pages to help you remember your childlike innocence. Take time to enjoy the audio, video, photography, artwork, poems, recipes, and whatever else spirit moves me to include. I'll also keep you informed about my latest seminars, books, CDs, & a variety of other product releases.

I may not know you personally but I am reaching across space and time with the wings of angels to give you a big hug and to remind you that you are cherished in the heavens, surrounded by angels, & loved beyond measure. Shut your eyes, breathe deeply, and receive the love. I am honored to be part of your journey.

With love & joy,
Ann & the Angels