July 14, 2012

heartReleasing Expecatations...
When I hike I have no expectations and it leaves room for miracles. Likewise nature doesn't place crazy expecations on itsel like we do. It is happy just to "be" :) We can be happy to be who we are too!


©2012 Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved
Photo taken in Sedona, AZ
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heartMessage from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Our wish for you today is that you can release yourself from the massive expectations that you carry within you. So many of you hold yourselves to standards that are so high, they are nearly impossible to meet. In your society, so many of you strive to look like airbrushed models, behave like saints or stars, forgive as easily as Christ, and be all things to all people. Dear ones, we have only one expectation of each and every one of you, and it is very simple, that you are each doing the best you can do and being the best you can be in any given moment.

When you are not living up to your own expectations, ask yourself why on earth this would be a cause to criticize yourselves? What good will that do you? Would you criticize a child who did not live up to their goals, censuring them and telling them how worthless they must be, or would you point out all that they did already achieve? Dear ones, you must learn to be kind to yourselves. You must learn to love by starting with love and kindness for yourselves. You must question why you feel the need to beat yourself up at times, for we would argue that all self-criticisms are a learned behavior, certainly not natural to the soul. The soul doesn't say, "Look what I messed up! Look what I didn't achieve!" The soul says, "Wow, look what I learned! Look what I did accomplish!"

Can you take just one minute a day to acknowledge all that is good about yourself? This practice would change your life. It would help you realize you are an amazing soul. Perhaps you made a perfect omelet. Perhaps you smiled at the clerk in the store. Perhaps you hugged your child when you were in need of a hug yourself. Maybe you looked in the mirror and made peace with a wrinkle. Dear ones, any little victories of love are huge in the heavens. We celebrate each kind thought, word, or deed, no matter how small, for rather than what you achieve, how you look, or what you do, we focus on the love that you bring to each situation. Any loving kindness you give yourself, no matter how large or small, sends ripples out to the entire cosmos, asking the universe to give you an honest echo of that love.

Treat yourselves kindly. Release yourselves from your massive expectations. Enjoy and celebrate all the good that you are in this moment. To use, you are always and already perfect.

God bless you. We love you so very much.
–– The Angels

heartMessage from Ann

Hi All,

The angels have worked with me for years to let go of the huge expectations I had for myself. I think we all grew up thinking we knew how life and we are "supposed to be." I was supposed to grow up, go to college, get married, have kids, retire, etc. I did everything I was supposed to but it didn't work! I wasn't happy. It ends up I had this crazy calling instead, which now makes me wildly happy. I had to let go of a lot of expectations of myself to be who I really am.

Throughout the years I've had to constantly release expectations. I can't possibly answer every email I get. I can't get everyone in who wants to see me as fast as I wish I could. I can't do everything socially that is offered to me because I need time in silence. Little by little I've released myself from expectations and have made peace with the fact that I'm human, live in a body, and have only 24 hrs a day. Believe it or not, those things weren't entirely easy to accept!

Every now and then I still forget those facts of life! This past weekend I had massive expectations for what I wanted to accomplish. I am reworking sections of my web site and thought I could finish an entire section, clean out some closets, cook meals, swim, etc. It ends up I got some pages tested and only one new page designed. That was it! Mind you its a beautiful page, nonetheless, I had a moment where I started to feel bummed out by how "little" I had achieved.

I caught that thought mid-stream and banished those sad thoughts and instead started to focus on what I did accomplish. In short time it dawned on me that my "one page" was really like redesigning an entire web site. It was not surprising it took all day, and actually getting it done in a day was quite an accomplishment. My new Sedona section will be gorgeous when I'm done. Realistically it might take months. Now its ok. Life truly is in the journey and I did enjoy the process.

So, while it is fine to have expectations, the trick to happiness is realizing that whether or not we live up to our own standards or goals, we can always bring love to the situation. We can always say, "Well I didn't do that very well but I tried." Or, "I didn't achieve xyz, but I did get this done." Or, "At least I learned something!"

Talking to dead people puts everything in perspective. At the end of our lives, our wrinkles don't matter. What we did or didn't accomplish in terms of achievements is less important than how much we loved. And we can love ourselves, others, God, our pets, our homes, our food, or any number of things. It is the vibration of love that matters, not so much the object of it, because in truth, the object of all love is God, present in creation.

So this week, try to go easy on yourselves. Catch yourself in criticism and give yourself a compliment instead. Stretch and form new and kinder habits. It certainly is a kinder and happier reality!

And if you really want to dive into self-love, come to my class in September :) The world would be such a kind place if we could truly start by being kind to ourselves.

Hugs and love,

Upcoming Events - Radical Self-Love
Sept 15th, 2012, Sedona, AZ.

True self-love is the most amazing acknowledgement of God's goodness. It is the willingness to embrace your light, live your truth, and be the person God made you to be. We have been taught anything but this. We've learned to associate self-love with narcissism and ego. We've learned false humility. We've learned to judge, criticize, and negate our truth. What a wonderful world it would be if we could release all that and let our truth and our light shine because in reality that is God's truth, and God's light shining through you! Come and unlearn all that holds your spirit bound and learn to live as God intended you to live. A rose is not afraid to blossom! A child is not afraid to share their light. We can return to that innocence, and live as a true inspiration to all around. Playful, powerful, and poignant. I cannot wait to share this with you all!

Details and Registration Here!

"Ready for Departure" by my friend Jim Law is an informative guide to assist you with handling the affairs of a loved one who is nearing the end of their life. Follow a step-by-step process that can help make things easier for you and your family. Available in e-book for Adobe Digital Editions or PDF.

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heartWorld Prayer

Divine Source

We call to You with open hearts
and the innocence and purity of children.

Bless each of us, our families, our communities,our nations & our world with sweet peace.

Help us heal the war between our heads and our hearts so there will be no more wars between nations.

Help us soothe our own pain and anger so there will be no more violence on our streets.

Allow us to release all our lost expectations so we may walk in the beauty of the Present Moment.

Erase from us the fear of lack
so we can share our resources,
our time, and our stories with one another, knowing that all will come back to us tenfold.

Teach us to love ourselves
so we can truly love others.

Remind us we are precious in Your sight. Help us see our uniqueness,
experience our beauty, and know our powerful ability to create.

We ask you to help us experience life as it was meant to be lived.

Gift us, Dear Divine Source, with the energy, the faith, the will, and the guidance to create our dream of Heaven on Earth.

We pray for peace on earth, support for all victims of natural and unnatural disasters, healing for hurting hearts, bodies, minds, and souls, and clarity in all our decisions. We pray for quick and easy resolution to all difficult and painful situations and lessons. We ask you to guide us and those we love with Grace and assist us in learning our lessons as gently as possible so we can release the struggle in our lives.

We pray especially for all special intentions of the members
of this list and all whom we love.

©2001 Ann Albers
Printable Version of the World Prayer

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heartMeditation to Heal the Earth

A free meditation to heal the earth is available here as an mp3 download that you can listen to on your computer or load up in your iPod:

(Scroll to the bottom to find the free meditation)

or, if that doesn't work, you can listen on the web here:

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heartPersonal Friends & Colleagues


Trance Medium for Dr. James Martin Peebles, spokesperson for "The Band of Angels"

imageimageI met the angel, Dr. James Martin Peebles, through my dear friend Summer Bacon. He is now one of my best friends in spirit, and a trusted mentor and guide.

Summer offers readings that are unbelievably accurate - not in terms of predictions but in terms of assisting with life, health, you name it. I go to her when I want to hear the angels outside of my own head. She also offers awesome channeling retreats. Visit her information website and email her via www.summerbacon.com

Summer recently announced that she will be offering Dr. Peebles educational lectures via mp3 or CD subscriptions. These are awesome teachings straight from the angels. Visit her site or email her assistant Bev for more details.


My friend Susan Palmer, MS lives in Sedona does phenomenal long distance healing. You will notice deep shifts after the session. You rest at home while she works on you in a deep state of prayer and meditation. She asked me to list her many services here:

Professional Healer, Trance-Medium, Counselor, Mystic, Ordained Minister Experienced Facilitator of Healing (Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual), Spirit Communication, Transformational Energy Attunements, Emotional Balancing, Past-Life Clearing/Integration, Spirit Releasement, Spiritual Counseling, Channeling Mentoring, Personal Empowerment, Innate Wisdom/Intuition Enhancement, Direct Communication with Your Spirit Guides/Angels/Unseen Friends, and Greater Self-Awareness of the Indwelling I AM Presence of God/Spirit/Light/Christ-Consciousness that YOU ARE! Distance/Remote Healing and Hands-on Healing available. Consults by phone or in-person in Sedona, AZ.

Susan has also recently added personalized guided meditations to assist you with your goals, and remote house clearings - I can personally vouch for the house clearings. When she was doing mine, I felt a parade of spirits and negative energies leaving and immediately felt better inside of my own body and emotions!

Available for Group Sessions in Phoenix Area/Northern AZ. by special request. Contact Susan at: http://www.SpiritHealerIAM.com or email her here.

* Susan offers monthly energy attunements that rock! She also has seasonal discounts. Email her above to learn more.

James Walker
James Walker (480-236-0236) is one of my soul-brothers. He is a tai chi, meditation, and spiritual instructor who brings wit, wisdom and experience from his travels around the world and studies of diverse spiritual teachings to help share the core essence of spiritual wisdom with his students. He teaches in groups, leads a weekly meditation circle, and also does one-on-one instruction for serious spiritual seekers.

James is also an exceptional licensed massage therapist and energy healer whose work is both nurturing and deeply healing. He has helped me on many occasions over the years! Visit his site at: www.meditation4peace.comwhere he and his wife Gena also offer a variety of meditation CDs for both adults and children.

Robin Miller


I met Robin Miller through his wonderful work. Not only is he an acclaimed New Age Musician, but also an earth angel who can guide you deeply into past life regression and release. Because of the purity of his channeling it feels as if the angels themselves are guiding you through the darkness, up and into the light. One session with him removed the weight of lifetimes! Visit his site at: www.robinmillermusic.com.



with Daniela Roth and Debbie Humphrey

•  Is the stress of today's challenging times stealing your life force?
•  Are you lacking positive support in your life?
•  Do you have an impulse for change but feel powerless?
•  Do you struggle with procrastination? Self-sabotage?
•  Do you need guidance? Inspiration? Motivation?
•  Is fear holding you back? Self-doubt? Insecurities?

You are not alone. We can help you create the life you want! Using spiritual principles, extensive life experience, divine wisdom and guidance, we will help you with…

•  Life skills coaching
•  Goal clarification & achievement
•  Belief systems
•  Stress management & balance
•  Emotional issues
•  Finances & budgeting
•  Nutrition/health

We will be your advocates, your mentors, your coaches and your friends. Stop making excuses and start living your heart's desire! With support, you can thrive, not just survive. Live Powerfully!

First 20 minute consulatation is FREE. Sessions are $100/hr - but they are currently running a special!! If you have financial need, Daniela and Debbie will work within your means. Together they have more than 25 years of study and experience in personal growth; nutrition; mental, emotional, and spiritual health issues; as well as an MBA (Master of Business Administration) Email them here to set up your first session!


Daniela is a caregiver with heart. For years she cared for a lady with dementia 3 days a week while also doing assistant work. Her rate is $20/hr which is great for the attention and care she puts into her work. She is also a great animal lover and pet sitter. My dogs don't even know I'm gone when she watches them! You can email her here for this type of work.

Additionally, Daniela is a talented singer/songwriter who has performed at Celebrity Theater and sung for the Komen Phoenix Race for the cure. Check out here music site here.

Last but not least Daniela is a trained Reiki practitioner who can really relax you in your own home! Email her above for any of her services.

CrisSWEET SURRENDER DAY SPA .. and on the side, Pet Sitting!

According to a 2005 survey of 1,000 American adults sponsored by Brookstone, Inc, 52% said they would like to receive a massage product or service as a gift. Cris Suga is a wonderful massage therapist who offers a variety of international massages including regular, thai, etc. She is now offering Gift Certificates for the upcoming year and her rates are very reasonable - she even offers specials for first time guests. Visit her website or email her here for details. Cris also offers couples massages now where two can be massaged side by side - great for romantic couples, or best friends needing a breather, and she has recently added in home massages as well.

Cris is also a very loving PET SITTER!



As you know, I adore animals... and my dogs adored Marla Steele. She has been a good friend, and featured guest on several radio and tv shows across the country, but most importantly she is given the four-paws-up signal by my two furry kids! Stay tuned for her new CD which will help you connect with your own pets. Visit her site at: www.marlasteele.com.


For all you animal lovers in the Phoenix/Tempe area, my dear angel friend Linda offers Animal Communication and Energetic Healing sessions for your pets. She has had huge success helping animals release phobias, get over hyperactivity, calm down, and help with physical conditions.

Linda schedules communication/reiki sessions on-line, for a love offering! If you have questions for your animals, would like to know about physical or emotional issues, or just want to hear what messages they have to share, please visit her website to schedule a session for your animal.

Mother Pearl


...is a warm loving earth angel who offers communication services to couples that are married or in long term relationships... spiritual alignment workshops for couples in love; private counseling sessions for conflict resolution; ministerial vow exchange and vow renewal ceremonies; 'couple's retreats in nature' - a safe haven for deep, sustaining healing that only truth and honesty can provide; releasing judgments and misunderstandings that lead to separation or divorce; and restoring the gift of giving and receiving love, spiritual and human.

When differences cannot be resolved she teaches people 'How to Separate or Divorce in Integrity', honoring your spiritual and human diversity. She also provides communication services and conflict resolution for family and business relationships... and coming soon - trips to South Africa/Zebra Unity Tours.
You can email Mother Pearl here or call: (928) 254-1588. She does offer consulting by phone.


Optimum health and well-being naturally result when we make life-enhancing choices. Everything we do is either life-enhancing (energizing) or life-depleting (draining). As an Energy Coach, Kimberly helps you understand the underlying implications of your relationships, behaviors, and everyday choices. Empowered with the knowledge and conviction required to make changes, you can quickly free yourself from these challenges and develop greater well-being, inner peace, and yes, energy. Visit her. www.kimberlykingsley.com.
You'll love her blog


Lance Lambert and his son Cris are wonderful human beings as well as great contractors. I first connected with them when a friend suggested I call them for a minor roofing repair. They came when they said they would, did great work, and were absolutely delightful as well. They can do a variety of home improvement work and have wonderful contacts for things that are not their area of expertise. Call (602) 349-1054.


Diana Hanna does awesome home repairs, plumbing, electrical, painting, stucco, tile, carpentry, irrigation, etc. Her prices are reasonable. She explains everything AND cleans up! I was beyond happy to find her! She fixed the fault lines in my tile, replaced bad tile, fixed grout, fixed a leaky spot on my roof, fixed a rust spot in the tub and various other things I've put off forever out of ignorance.
She can be reached at: 480-612-2455
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heartCommunity Announcements

imageJeannette Arnon offers wonderful Reflexology

Jeannette graduated from SWIHA--Southwest Institute of Healing Arts--in 2001 and has been practicing reflexology since.She believes in the body's wisdom and ability to maintain balance with proper nutrition, exercise and waste elimination. When the body's organs and systems are functioning well, you feel well. Reflexology is a therapeutic modality based on the principle that the feet and hands have reflex points or areas that relate to every part of the body. By applying various pressure and relaxation techniques to these reflexes, the corresponding organs and systems are affected and the body responds accordingly. Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and promotes deep relaxation which aids the body's own healing process. Sessions are one hour in length and finish with a thorough foot massage. Be healthy, be happy!. Ann's note - while talking w/Jeanette on the phone my FEET started buzzing ! Takl about spiritual reflexology! You can email her here.

imageJo Sparks Book "Feedback - How to Give it, How to Get It: A Writer's Guide to Spinning Gold"

Jo is a wonderful screen-writer who is very familiar with the ups and downs of the industry. She has taught numerous writers and creative people to handle feedback, the positive, the negative and everything in between. She also helps you learn when its time to share feedback, and how to do so gracefully. Check out her book here.

imageWonderful Lawyer on our list

Barbara Caldwell is a powerful woman and an attorney with a passion for justice. I have known her for years. She does collections work for businesses, family law, and accident/injury/malpractice. She can be contacted by emailing her here.

imageList Member does Personal Shamanic Art

List Member John Ballou does beautiful Shamanistic art that includes the Person with their totem animals. He will even paint special and meaninful objects, like stones etc into the paintings. It is his passion. He is also considering opening up a Visionary Art Gallery so if you are a visionary artist, please contact him by emailing him here.


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Grilled Portobello and Roasted Veggie Burger

This fourth of July my body wanted veggies and my mind wanted a burger and these satisfied both needs very well! Makes 2 but you can double it.

2 large portobello mushrooms with stems off and brown underneath scooped out
several large pieces roasted red bell pepper
1 eggplant peeled and cut into 1/4 inch slices
1/4 c mayonnaise
2 T pesto (I like my kale pesto! see recipe in my blog)
olive oil
2 whole wheat buns or any thick roll

Wipe the mushrooms with a damp cloth and then oil them liberally with olive oil. I give them a massage with it! Let the eggplant slices sit on a towel or tray, sprinkle with salt, and let sit ten minutes to get the water out. Dab up excess moisture with a towel.

Heat a grill then turn down to low heat. Put the portobellos on, bottom down first. Put the eggplant slices on too. Grill for 5-10 minutes till done on that side and then flip both. They'll be soft but not squishy when done.

Now layer up the burger.Liberally spread the pesto may on the buns, Stuff red pepper slices into the bottom of the mushrooms, layer with eggplant, and enjoy!

ps - if you like my recipes, check out Ann's Angel Food Blog here!

Also, a dear 13 year old client who loves to cook has started sharing recipes on her blog here! I think Talia is an angel - you'll love her and her food. Check it "The Teen in the Apron" here!

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Unless otherwise stated, Recipes are ©2011 Ann Albers, all rights reserved; please do not reprint without permission.


heartFun and Games

imageFREE Tarot Reading from Lotus Tarot

Select the picture below for a free tarot reading. Lotus Tarot offers some of the best online readings I've seen and you can try as many as you want.

Lotus Tarot

imageHeavenly Word Search

For those of you who like word search puzzles, I made up a heavenly one here! Enjoy by clicking here to view, print, or download the pdf file.

imageAngel Playroom - Free Readings and more!

I searched the web for fun free readings. As always listen to your own heart, but enjoy the play! Click here to enter!

imageIf you like my newsletter, here are more you'll enjoy!

Panache Desai Panache transmits beautiful Christ energy offers a newsletter filled with inspiration and truth. Sign up here
Misty Misty is wonderful fun - a soul coach and a hair artist combined and her newsletters combine heaven and earth! Articles, healing stone info, etc... Sign up here
JP Stein JP walks the walk - in total faith and trust and shares her remarkable journey in her blog. Sign up here
Laura Alden Kamm Laura Alden Kamm is one of the nation's foremost medical intuitives and lives right here in Arizona. Her newsletter is packed with intuitive tips, recipes,treats for your body and soul, and more! You'll love her. Sign up here
Therese Inzerillo Therese offers a variety of activites and services and spa treatments. Sign up for her newsletter by emailing her here!
ZenErgy Healing ZenErgy Healing IS two sisters who wish to share their unconditional love and acceptance with all of humanity. Sign up here
Andrea Beaulieu Andrea Beaulieu offers a newsletter to help you tap into your true potential! Sign up here. Andrea Beaulieu dedicated her blog to the acknowledgement of the force of love in the universe. Look at life through the eyes of love. Visit her blog here Also Andrea offers another blog to help you tap into your true potential! Visit here
Angela Robertson Angela Robertson offers Messages of Light from the ascended masters. Visit her blog here
Christine Thiele Christine Thiele is a freelance writer and volunteer youth minister. Since her husband’s death in 2005 from pancreas cancer, her writing has been focused on grief and healing issues, while she raises her two young sons. Visit her blog here
Dr. Anne Marie Fine Dr. Anne Marie runs the Fine Center for Natural Medicine, is a naturopathic doctor and an expert on natural skin care who has been quoted many times in "Body and Soul" magazine and featured on Martha Stewart Radio. Sign up for her newsletter here. Sign up for her newsletter here
The Angel Diretory Helpful resources and links for free prayer healing support, articles on angels,recommended books,etc.. Visit blog here
Visions of Heaven Blog I was contacted by a wonderful soul named Ann who runs the blog, "Visions of Heaven." Ann has seen spirits and angels and shares her experiences w/the other realms. Visit blog here
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heartInspiring Video

Bruno Mars sings "Just the Way You Are"

Check it out here!

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I started channeling weekly messages from the angels after 9/11/2001, in an attempt to reach as many people as possible with the angels' words of hope and inspiration. I didn't realize at the time that we would become an international community of lightworkers dedicated to expanding our capacity to receive and share God's love in the world.

Each week's newsletter contains an angel message, a message from me explaining how I put the angels' teachings to work in my life, and various other announcements & class bulletins. I hope you find the angels' words as inspiring and uplifting as I do. If a friend forwarded this to you, you can sign up here.

In this Issue...


Message from the Angels

Message from Ann

Ann's Events & Announcements

Ann's Books, CDs, etc.

Ann's Favorites


World Prayer

Free Meditation for Earth

Friends & Colleagues

Personal Psychic Referrals

Transmitters of Divine Light


Upcoming Events

Community Announcements



Fun & Games - Free Tarot, etc.

Pick an Affirmation

Free Mayan Astrology

Inspiring Video
heartAnn's books, etc.
This is the story of how I went from an angry, arrogant young woman working in engineering to one who loves life and talks to angels... dreams, symbols, signs, angels, and more!
Available now in book or download.
Aura Hygiene CD
Love is the River: Learning to Live in the Flow of Divine Grace
- Release struggles, listen to your heart, & let God help you live a divinely inspired life! Available now in book or download.
Aura Hygiene CD
Bridging the Gap Between Christianity & Mysticism

Heal the separations and learn how these two ideologies are not at all separate. Contains great tools for talking with friends & family of different faiths.
Available now in book or download.
Manifesting in the Flow of Divine Grace - the long awaited 4 CD set is done!!

Go beyond Secrets, and beyond struggles to create the life God intended for you! This is how I live :)
Available now in CD.
Belightful CD
BE-lightful, the class I offered on 3/3 is now available in a 4 CD set complete with remastered meditations to guide you into the Oneness, and another that takes you back before birth to see why you came... packed with education, exercises, and a lot of laughter!! Available now in CD.
Aura Hygiene CD
Angel Meditations:
3 CDs - Sunrise/sunset, a Date with Your Angels, or a Date with Your Soul! Available now on CD or downloadable audio.

heartAnn's Photos & Art


Ann's Photos and art are offered on posters, greeting cards, mousepads, and a variety of other products. Also available are holiday blessing cards, blessing mugs, and so, so much more! The site keeps growing! Use it to order products or simpy as a photo gallery to enjoy Ann's work!

Available Here!

heart Ann's Events


September 15, 2012 • 10am - 4:30pm
Sedona Creative Life Center
Sedona, AZ

We were born innocent and perfect. Lets get back to that place of knowing our value, our divinity, and our perfection, even as we become more aware! Playful, powerful, and sure to boost you out of any unworthiness into a peaceful place of self-value! YOU are an important part of the universe!

Details and Registration Here.

heart Personal Referrals
I am blessed to know many reputable psychics. The ones below are some I have known the longest. I have many more listed here.

SUMMER BACON is an amazing trance medium. This is a soul reading, and is not about predictions, but rather on solving issues and creating dreams.

isit her site here

KATHY LEASURE is a naturally gifted psychic and medium whose information starts pouring through the minute she tunes in!

isit her site here

SUNNY DAWN JOHNSTON is a angel communicator and medium with years of experience! She is now doing intuitive nutritional consultations as well. You'll love her.

isit her site here

SUSANNE WILSON is a medium in Arizona whom I often refer my clients to when they cannot see me. A near death experience opened her up and changed her priorities. She is naturally gifted, compassionate, and wise.

isit her site here

PATRICIA FEDERICO is a angel communicator and medium with years of experience! She is one of the Southwest's most trusted intuitive experts, stress-management consultants and alternative healers.

isit her site here

THERESE INZERILLO offers intuitive readings, massage, FULL spa services (!) energy healing, emcee and speaking engagements, ceremonies, spiritual classes and SO much more!

Visit her site here for info.

BAKER BakeR began having experiences with Mamacita, a beautiful and evolved spirit who helps bring through the wisdom and love of your spirit guides as well.

Email her here for info.

MEL SELLICK is a lifestyle intuitive that can help you make decisions, discover new paths, and release hidden patterns that keep you from getting what you want. She offers intuitive, tarot card, and mayan oracle readings along with her angels' guidance

Email her here for info.

ANN KEATING IN CHICAGO offers Spiritual Coaching and Counseling, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Tarot readings, Past Life Regression, and More. As well she teaches Reiki and Meditation.

Email her here for more info and to schedule an appointment.

DAVID BAKER has been seeing spirits since he was a kid. I loved his auto-biography and highly recommend him if you want help getting in touch with your loved ones who have crossed over.

Click here for David's site

VICKI WERBA is an intuitive counsellor with a loving heart!

Email her here

BakeR has been intuitive most of her life. She is also a gifted spiritual guide as she lives, breathes, and has used spiritual truth in her own life to create healing, abundance, the love of her life and so much more!

Click here for BakeR's site

CHANNELING BY CHRISTENA from the perspective of Abraham.


DR. DAWN at SACRED TOUCH CHIROPRACTIC is an earth angel who specializes in family/Prenatal/Pediatric Care. She loves working with today's gifted kids as well as their parents!

Click here for Dr. Dawn's site


Liz Johnson is taking Aura Photos as well as doing readings. Call her at 480-272-3205 to set up your appointment.

CHERIE LANDGRAF works with a device that analyzes the frequencies of your body, mind, and emotions. The program reveals past, present and emerging emotional and physical health issues which can be addressed during a session. Cherie has practiced metaphysical wisdom for years. She uses all of these modalities to help in understanding how to deal with the issues that are revealed.

Cherie also creates vibration frequency items specifically programmed to the individual. These items help to create balance in the body, which then gives the body the opportunity to heal itself. These items can also be used with animals. Vibration Frequency items start at $40.00 Full sessions start at $180.00. Sessions can be done in person or virtually (person or animal need not be present).

Email her here to schedule or for more information


Sandy is a dear woman whom I've mentored on and off over the years. She has also studied with Sunny Dawn Johnston and is a naturally gifted reader. She is now offering a special for my list members. Get a reading, bring a friend and your friend gets one free!f

Tarot & Angel Card Readings - Sandy does Individuals, Parties, & Other Groups. You can email her here: skong2811@yahoo.com or
call 623-974-5685
heartAnn's Fav's...
by Robin Miller

Now and Always

I love it and listen to it daily. The song "River of Life" prepares me for my work and "Dancing with Angels" always brings me to heaven in my meditaitons. My friends all agree - a few minutes of this music and your worries are gone!

Friends and clients say:

I bought Robin Millers CD "Heart of Love" by your recommendation and what an incredible CD.......best New Age I think I've ever heard! I also have his "Transcendence" which is very good too. What a talent and so connected! - MH, Phoenix, AZ

"For months on end... I listened to either The Heart of Love, In the Company of Angels, or Transcendence every night as I fell asleep. I have brought them back out as they are so beautiful and so soothing." - LG, Phoenix, AZ

by Robin Miller

Now and Always

Travel far away to a wonderful place of peace, to a stillness in your heart, mind, body, and soul. A quiet spot that will speak in gentle ways to that inner longing, known and unknown. Instrument: keyboard.

This is one of my favorite CDs to listen to as I drift off to sleep at night.

Healing with the AngelsHealing with the Angels Oracle Cards
by Dr. Doreen Virtue

This is a beautiful angel-inspired deck for healing and growth. 44 cards help you figure out what your angels are trying to emphasize in your life at this time (eg., healing, abundance, new love, etc...) Doreen Virtue has worked with the angels creating this deck and they are uncannily accurate! You'll love them! Click on the deck above to order.

Life is lived most fully when you have the wisdom of an elder and the innocence of a child - Ann Albers

From "The Prophet"
by Kalil Gibran

Love has no other desire but to fulfil itself.

But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires:

To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.

To know the pain of too much tenderness.

To be wounded by your own understanding of love;

And to bleed willingly and joyfully.

To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving;

To rest at the noon hour and meditate love's ecstasy;

To return home at eventide with gratitude;

And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.

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Enjoy these pages but please avoid getting paid readings from the links on this site - if you google them you will find several listings in google descsribing at least one of them as a scam artist. As always enjoy the light, skip the dark.

heart Transmitters of Divine light
Certain beings on this earth are called to transmit Divine light so you can find that more strongly within yourself. Being in their presence literally burns away blockages and opens doorways to the gifts you have inside. At the very least you feel great peace; at the most, your own Divinity. If you have an opportunity to see any of these people, you are blessed:
PANACHE DESAI shares ageless wisdom, and transmits beautiful Divine energy. You will be filled with sweet peace and things will change in your life as your perspective of who you truly are changes. I experienced the Oneness very strongly in his presence. He teaches as I do, that we bring the light INTO our human experience and embrace our humanity rather than trying to escape from it.

Panache also offers private sessions via phone where you receive both spiritual guidance and beautiful energy transmissions.

KARUNAMAYI also known as Amma, or "Mother" is known in India as an incarnation of Divine Mother. I can only describe her presence as one of feeling wrapped in the loving arms of the feminine aspect of God. She touches your head and you feel filled with love, your troubles disappear, and you know the nurturing presence and loving support of God.

MOTHER MEERA - I had never met Mother Meera nor was I planning to see her till she appeared in a dream early in the morning the day she was in Phoenix, and although the session was full, I called to explain my 'calling' to see her and they let me in. Again, sweet gentle peace in her silent presence as my heart filled with Divine love and the experience of oneness once again.



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