August 2, 2008 

I started channeling weekly messages from the angels after 9/11/2001, in an attempt to reach as many people as possible with the angels' words of hope and inspiration. I didn't realize at the time that we would become an international community of lightworkers dedicated to expanding our capacity to receive and share God's love in the world.

Each week's newsletter contains an angel message, a message from me explaining how I put the angels' teachings to work in my life, and various other announcements & class bulletins. I hope you find the angels' words as inspiring and uplifting as I do. If a friend forwarded this to you, you can sign up here.

Reflections ...

The more we are peaceful the more clearly we reflect heaven...just as this still water reflects the beauty above...

©2008, Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved, please do not copy without permission.

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

As you proceed through your days dear friends remember that the way you choose to look at your life and your world will create your experience of reality. The world is the world. Life is life. People are going to be who they are. Will you be the ones searching for the light within these situations and seeing the truth of God behind all things, or will you succumb to the illusion that darkness has the upper hand? While it is true that your economies are down, your world is in turmoil and strife, and earth herself is going through massive changes, dear ones, God is still behind all things, ever present with his love.

You can live in fear of the economy or you can delight in the simple pleasures it forces you to embrace. You can live in fear of earth changes or you can celebrate the fact that all of you are where you are supposed to be based on the lessons you chose to embrace and the gifts you chose to share. You can live in despondancy, feeling alone and unloved, or you can reach out and connect with others who feel the same - and in so doing, raise yourself up into the light.

While it is true that a great many of you feel 'stuck' at this time, you are never truly stuck. Your lives are in a bit of slow motion and soft focus now. It is not a time to push yourselves too hard, or to stress and strain over forcing new projects to completion. It is a time when your hearts yearn for more and yet if you are not patient, allowing God's plan to unfold in your lives, you can easiliy succumb to frustration. It is time to slow down, go within, and create from the inside out. Those who are willing to do this - to spend the time in silent contemplation, pray, visualization, and affirmation of truth, acting when guided and motivated to do so - will experience and enjoy miracles unfolding. Those who insist on forcing themselves and others to do things that feel uninspired, well dear ones, you will be uninspired.

God cares about you. God is slowing you down so your dreams can speed up. Doing things the worlds way is one way to live your life. But you can be 'in the world and yet not of it' by allowing God to work in your life and your heart. Slow down dear friends, choose to see the light and the gifts that are always present in your lives. Use gratitude as a key to truly seeing the streams of abundance that you are and can tap into. There is always love available. There is always guidance available. When you slow down you will see it more clearly and allow your lives to rest in God's grace

We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Message from Ann

imageHi All,

I can vouch for the fact that slowing down helps you grow faster. A few weeks ago after my whale experience I prayed for God to incorporate more of their joy, play, and passion into my life, and prayed for God to remove anything getting in the way of that. I forgot to ask for the growth to be joyful and gentle...oops.

This past weekend I made time in my schedule to 'do nothing' - meaning I had no plans except to sit, read, rest, and contemplate life Saturday morning. I was SO excited, but as often happens when we do something positive, any old patterns inside of us that don't agree come to the surface. And so the first few hours of my weekend off were very blissful but slowly as I started wondering if I shouldn't do something more productive, unbeknownst to me I was damming up a very beautiful flow of energy through my body and my life. As a result my neck slipped off kilter putting me in the most unbelievable pain. This is the same thing that happened to me a few weeks ago. I had a blissful experience with the whales, somehow stopped the incredible flow and my body just hurt! When you ask a river to run through you, its best not to put up the walls of unworthiness!

So there I was in total and complete self pity because I hadn't yet gotten the lesson. I wailed because it hurt so much, crying to the universe that I was JUST starting to do what I wanted with getting more relaxation and now THIS! In total self pity I felt the universe was the one pushing me back everytime I took a step towards relaxation (It has been a pattern!) Of course I knew better, but some tantrum-throwing part of me needed its release first. Then anger came up from within. A mighty rage flew through me as I thought of all the time I spent hurting physically this lifetime. After that ran its course, I realized that some part of ME was angry at ME for putting up with it and creating it by not listening to my spirit. I asked God to get that old anger and old unforgiveness out of me NOW, and all of the sudden my back popped into place, the neck released a bit and I felt better. I realized that deep down within me I had some subconscious old belief that God cared about me spiritual growth but not my happiness as a physical human being. Well as usual when you feel something about God, you can substitute the word "I" and see the truth of it... I was the one who hadn't cared about myself as much at the human level. It wasn't God's fault. I felt better.

The lessons on spirit and flesh were not over yet. I checked on the pigeon I was nurturing back to health. He was safe in the garden. I put the dogs outside for their dinner, turned my back for two minutes and had a horrible feeling. Sure enough, the pigeon had wandered out into the yard and the dog had snapped his little neck. He was gone physically in an instant. I saw his spirit soar, whereas in his body he hadn't been able to fly. I knew all along that he was teaching me that my only job was to love and I was not in control of his time on earth, and yet I loved that bird SO much. I had a premonition that he had a destiny for death-by-dog. I had prayed earlier in the week that if that had to be, let it be over with quickly and let me not witness it. The prayer was answered.

As I sobbed again, I asked to see his soul, and this white ball of light appeared in front of me and flew straight into my heart where it burst into the most glorious and grateful love. More tears - this time happy ones. The angel that was the little birdie's soul kept coming back to me, this time to nurse ME t hrough my own lessons the next few days. He talked to me about how I had not felt that God cared about my well being in the past and yet look at him - a simple pigeon, considered a vermin by so many, who received so much love in this lifetime. He was mirroring me, and showing me that love and care were always there if you trust God, as all creatures except for mankind, do. He told me that while he knew going out into the yard was a risk of death, it was fun for him, glorious freedom and his life was richer for the experience even if it was shorter. He told me I could stay in my comfort zone constantly working and helping others, or I could take more down time and daydream more about what I wanted in life, not just as a spiritual teacher, but as a human being. He did, while he was alive, begin the process. I sat with him for at least an hour a day at various times, just being silent. I learned to get up earlier and go to bed earlier, something I've not been able to do my entire life. I learned to enjoy simple quiet moments with another being instead of always doing something for them. And while I've done this to a degree for the last many years, this bird really taught me to just 'be' in a deeper way.

I'm embracing more joy as a result. I'm spending a lot less time at the computer which gives me more time to swim and exercise. That makes me feel a LOT better of course. I'm spending time just being instead of running around all the time. I'm able to give more in less time and it feels GOOD. The whale energy is still working with me and I'm waiting to see what comes of being present to such an uplifting and loving consciousness. I'm swimming with them in my sleep feeling their power and grace, and exuberance for life. And my body is feeling a LOT better.

Its amazing what can happen when we sit still! Most of the time we run around fulfilling obligations and such but in our quiet moments God can really work His magic, routing out the old and making room for the new. Growth is not always easy. A the angels were telling a client today, pulling out the roots of old beliefs is hard, and yet... so worth the work! Joy always follows one of these growth episodes - more freedom, and definitely a renewed sense of childlike wonder. As the whales at Sea World teach... Anything is Possible :)

Have a joyful week!

ps - for all you animals lovers in the Phoenix/Tempe area, my dear angel friend Linda Solberg is practicing healing energy on animals and animal communication. For the cost of gas (and a donation if you like) she'll come work on your pet and talk to them. Her name is Linda Solberg, and her email is:

Jump for joy!


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Pray with us... Join in the World Prayer!
Divine Source

We call to You with open hearts
and the innocence and purity of children.

Bless each of us, our families, our communities,our nations & our world with sweet peace.

Help us heal the war between our heads and our hearts so there will be no more wars between nations.

Help us soothe our own pain and anger so there will be no more violence on our streets.

Allow us to release all our lost expectations so we may walk in the beauty of the Present Moment.

Erase from us the fear of lack
so we can share our resources,
our time, and our stories with one another, knowing that all will come back to us tenfold.

Teach us to love ourselves
so we can truly love others.

Remind us we are precious in Your sight. Help us see our uniqueness,
experience our beauty, and know our powerful ability to create.

We ask you to help us experience life as it was meant to be lived.

Gift us, Dear Divine Source, with the energy, the faith, the will, and the guidance to create our dream of Heaven on Earth.

We pray for peace on earth, support for all victims of natural and unnatural disasters, healing for hurting hearts, bodies, minds, and souls, and clarity in all our decisions. We pray for quick and easy resolution to all difficult and painful situations and lessons. We ask you to guide us and those we love with Grace and assist us in learning our lessons as gently as possible so we can release the struggle in our lives.

We pray especially for all special intentions of the members
of this list and all whom we love.

©2001 Ann Albers

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Daniela is an angel. For years she babysat a lady with demential 3 days a week while also doing assistant work. The dear lady passed and Daniela has available time. Her rate is usually $20/hr which is great for the attention and care she puts into her work. She is also a great animal lover and pet sitter. My dogs don't even know I'm gone when she watches them! You can email her here for this type of work.

She is also a talented singer/songwriter who has performed at Celebrity Theater and sung for the Komen Phoenix Race for the cure. Check out here music site here.

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heartMisty has a wonderful updated website and newsletter!

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Easy Mu Shu Chicken Lettuce Wraps

2 cooked leftover chicken breasts chopped or about 2 c cooked chicken
1 1/2 c grated carrots
1/2 c grated sweet onion
6-8 big button mushrooms chopped in quarters
1 container bean sprouts
1 1/2 stalks celery diced fine
large lettuce leafs
Hoisin sauce

Stir fry carrots, onions, celery, till crisp tender. Throw in the mushrooms about half way to done. Add bean sprouts and chicken last minute.

Serve with hoison sauce on large lettuce leaves.

Carrot Base Tortilla Soup

1 bag baby carrots or grated carrots - about a pound
3/4 c sweet onion minced
2 tomatoes
1 clove garlic
2 T cumin
1 T oregano
salt and pepper to taste

1 can diced tomatotes
1 can corn
1 can black beans
16-24 oz sour cream ( I like more)

If you have a super power blender, blend the carrots, onion, tomatoes, garlic, cumin, oregano, slat and pepper together. Then just stir in the rest.

If your blender isn't super powered, soften the carrots by cooking till soft any way you like (boiling, microwaving, whatever). Cut up tomatoes in quarters and blend carrots, onion, tomatoes, garlic, cumin, oregano, slat and pepper together.carrots, onion, tomatoes, garlic, cumin, oregano, slat and pepper together. Stir in the rest.

I like it with a dollop of extra sour cream crushed up tortilla chips and maybe some avocado. I like to heat it a little too but you can keep it raw like this if you like for the power of raw foods. So healthy you'll glow!



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James Walker's MEDITATION CLASS is being held every two weeks at different locations.
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In addition to her many other talents, best friend & assistant Daniela is an awesome singer. Check our her music here - the website is finally working!

Daniela also has many other talents and is available for pet sitting, assistant work from her home, etc.

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View events posted by other subscribers, mostly in the Phoenix, AZ area. These included radio shows, meditations, classes, fundraiser, spiritual tune-ups, conferences, etc.

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AUG 8 7-9pm - Phoenix , AZ
Namaste Circle - messages from Therese

Therese Inzerillo will share individual intuitive messages and Reiki energy with each guest and will end the evening with a powerful prosperity meditation. As a special treat, numerologist, Nann Penn will share insights on the meaning and power behind the 8:8:8. $15 Space is limited, so an RSVP to or 602-995-7360.

Email here for location

Psychic Friends:

SUMMER BACON is an amazing trance medium. This is a soul reading, and is not about predictions, but rather on solving issues and creating dreams.

isit her site here

KATHY LEASURE is a naturally gifted psychic and medium whose information starts pouring through the minute she tunes in!

Email her here for rates and info
or visit her site here

SKY is availble for readings by phone or email. She reads much like I do. She is a recent mom and a wonderful woman!

Click here for her site

SARAH FRY is a naturally gifted psychic who also reads a lot like I do. She is a sweet and compassionate angel!

Click here to email her

DAVID BAKER has been seeing spirits since he was a kid. I loved his auto-biography and highly recommend him if you want help getting in touch with your loved ones who have crossed over.

Click here for David's site

PATRICIA FEDERICO is a clear and pure channel for both angels and loved ones. Her healing energy also shines through in her readings

isit her site here

SUNNY DAWN JOHNSTON is a angel communicator and medium with years of experience! You'll love her.

Email her here for rates and info
or visit her site here

THERESE INZERILLO offers intuitive readings, massage, energy healing, mcee and speaking engagements, cermonies, spiritual classes and SO much more!

Visit her site here for rates and info.

MEL SELLICK among her many other talents is a gifted psychic tarot reader, personal yoga instructor, and much more. She is an amazing angel as well and a very grounded and dymanic woman who in my opinion can coach as well as intuit.

Email her here for rates and info

Guinerva is a delightful woman who lived through unbelievable trials in Europe and credits her spirituality with keeping her alive. She has 55 years of experience in angel readings with various decks and has walked the talk.

Visit her site here for rates and i nfo - readings availble in English or German.


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How simple can it get!!
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If you like my newsletter you'll love Kimberly Kingsley's spiritual blog as well!

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Seeking Articles for Spiritual Book

Life coach, Joanne Stein is compiling a book of insipirational stories to show others how to get through the dark times while on the spiritual path. It'll include personal tools and techniques that worked as well as miracles that kept people moving forward without having a clue where they were headed. The stories will be 1,000 -2,000 long (double-spaced) and it would be great if there was a wee bit of additonal information -- what was going on in their life then and what's happening now. The intention for the book is to keep people motivated because "consciousness" is not for the faint of heart. If you're interested in participating, email her here
Seeking Articles for Inside of US Book

Loreen Siewell is putting together a book of essays on your thoughts and feelings on the United State of America. She wants to give people a chance to speak up and share their views. Visit her website to check it out if you are interested in submitting an article. I know I'll have to say something!!
Josie Varga is still accepting submissions for her book on your interactions with the other side.

Josie Varga is compiling a book of stories called "Visits from Heaven." If you have a true story of interacting with someone in heaven in which you got some sort of verifiable proof - name, characteristics, saw them, etc. and would like your story to be included, write her here. If you have any questions as to what qualifies send her an email :) Real publishers are considering this book!